Feature Friday: Stage of creating the Walker Boneyard scene.

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Hello guys, my name is Bang and I am an illustrator at ISOTX.

Today I’m gonna give you a behind the scene look at the creation of the
Walker Boneyard picture that you might have seen few weeks ago.

But if you’re too lazy to scroll down and see what it looks like, here it is:

We wanted to create a new region for the game that is a ‘cousin distance’ away
from the current one. Like a cousin of a family, it is different but close enough
that you can see the similar horrible habits they have.

The region used to be like Kathos, beautiful, green and peaceful, however
demands for dumpster space became more important than pretty forest,
so this region is taking a turn for the worst.

Old walkers come here to die due to battle injuries, or they just are simply too
old to operate any more.

The area eventually became darker due to the smog from metal recycling plants.
What used to be green became rusty brown.

It’s a lot of fun to create a world like this because it requires a lot of atmosphere
and details to be drawn, so I have a reason to spend a lot of time on it. And no
coffee will ever be needed during its creation because I’ll be so excited most of the time.

Before getting overly excited and starting the picture right away, it’s important
to research what’s already out there, what could be done and what hasn’t been
done yet. So I contact my father, Dr. Msc. Google Image for his expert opinion.

After a long discussion, we have stumbled upon many fascinating pictures from
around the world that sometimes seem almost fictional, but they are for real!
I’ve found a lot, but these are just a few of the many examples that I could show
or we’d go far off topic:

Arizona airplane graveyard
It is enormous, like the size of a small city filled with airplanes of all kinds,
from small to big, old to recent, all ready to be taken apart and recycled for future planes.

One of the many ex-Soviet military dump
This is similar to the one in Arizona, but for tanks. There’s something lovely about seeing exposed inner tank mechanic that is rusting.

Garbage dump in Cambodia
There is also a garbage dump mountain in Cambodia that are so dense and high that you don’t even see the grounds that they are on.

So after looking at these amazing places, i feel inspired and ready to start! 3 quick thumbnails were made for the team to choose before going to the final one.

They liked the middle one most so i went crazy with the painting until its finished.

And that’s how it goes. I hope you like it! We will have more article like this to come from now on.


3 Comments to the "Feature Friday: Stage of creating the Walker Boneyard scene."

  1. tek September 16, 2011 at 03:08 pm


  2. Layla September 16, 2011 at 03:19 pm

    Bang! have my babies!! ;)
    You rock dude!

  3. Ome_Vince September 16, 2011 at 03:48 pm

    Love this region

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