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March of War

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TBS March of War emerges from Early Access

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – June 10th, 2014 – March of War, the trail-blazing turn-based strategy game from ISOTX, emerges from Steam Early Access on June 10th.

A seamless blend of classic WWII and dieselpunk aesthetics, March of War provides TBS fans with competitive 3D tactical battles that require players to think and strategize rather than to simply react. Six distinct warring factions populated by over 140 unique military units battle it out with everything from howitzers to dirigibles to heavily-armored war elephants in an online war for world domination.

But March of War runs far deeper than the front line. MOW’s top-ranking players are elected to their faction’s High Command, participating in an intricate political game of loyalties, lies and deception. Their decisions will shape the course of the war. Making March of War the first online TBS with a genuine player-driven world.

March of War factoids
- Early access ran from June 2013 to June 2014.
- March of War series is developed by ISOTX.
- Available on Steam for PC and MAC.
- Tactical turn-based battles.
- Three game modes; Assault, Siege and Blitz.
- PvE, PvP and Co-op play.
- Over 50 maps.
- Six factions each with unique play style.
- Player-driven world war with live world map.
- Political intrigue in the meta-game.

As an independent studio, ISOTX has assembled a small team of developers to redefine the very nature the classic TBS genre with their March of War series. Currently available on PC and Mac, the March of War franchise will to expand to mobile platforms in the future.