Freaky Friday: Soviet technology always works!

09-May-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 1 Comment »

Let me tell you a story about glorious Soviet technology. Our technology always works, but maybe not at the time you want it to work. When I was fighting along the Red Wall in Eastern Europe I lost an arm and a leg for Mother Russia. My comrades and I were on our way to victory, having beaten down the onslaught of the European Alliance, and Europe would finally turn red, when we strayed into a mine field that hadn’t quite detonated. Why send a test squad to the mine field, you ask? Soviet technology always works!


1 Comments to the "Freaky Friday: Soviet technology always works!"

  1. John October 5, 2014 at 02:13 pm

    Can’t tell say how many times this has happened to me.

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