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The drums of war are beating and the armies are marching. The war that has been ravaging the world has reached a new height and now it’s your turn to take command! Today ISOTX opens the gates to March of War with the pilot World Aflame. During the pilot (Early Access on Steam) we are looking for all your feedback, so don’t be shy and let yourself be heard on the forum.

All aspiring generals are inevitably faced with one question; what do I fight for? If you can’t formulate an answer to that question, you might as well make a U-turn with your tank and go home. However, for now I’ll assume you got the guts and the vision to proceed on this path of war. Of course we are all striving for world domination, but you can’t do that on you own. You need your faction if you want to beat the world into submission. For your convenience I have listed below the reasons why you would join any of the six factions.

I am part of the glorious armies of the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is dedicated to spreading their ideology around the world, using force to free the proletariat if necessary. Their expert propagandists can inspire Soviet troops to feats of heroism as easily as they can crush the spirit of their enemies. The Union has a near limitless supply of manpower, and waves of conscripts willingly lay down their lives for the Motherland while massive walkers and swarms of tanks smash through enemy lines.
“Strength in Numbers”

I carry the beacon of civilization and will restore Europe to its former glory

The European Alliance was formed as a reaction to the Soviet Union, united first for defense and later with the goal of retaking lost colonies and restoring the Imperialist legacy of Europe. Unable to match the Union’s endless manpower, the Alliance chose to focus on quality of arms and top quality engineering. Their sophisticated tanks are unmatched, and their infantry are more heavily armed and experienced than those of any other faction.
“Quality over Quantity”

Freedom can be bought in the United Republic

The United Republic is a wealthy coalition of freedom loving patriots led by bankers and industrialists. Their need for constant economic growth and an insatiable appetite for luxury goods leads them to fight wars to ensure Republic companies always have new natural resources to exploit, and these same companies own the production lines that churn out weapons and war machines for the Republic army. This includes the fighters, bombers and gunships that make the Republic air force the most respected in the world.
“Death from Above”

The revolution strikes from the heart of the South American jungles

The Latin Junta was born when a number of populist revolutionaries led a series of successful uprisings, before forming a military led government claiming to be dedicated to preserving their independence and helping oppressed people around the globe fight Imperialism. They are masters of guerrilla warfare, highly adept at ensuring they strike first – and the deadly toxins and poison gas produced by Junta scientists often means that their enemy doesn’t get a chance to strike at all.
“Guerrilla Warfare”

I have the beasts and warriors of Africa on my side

The African Warlords first came together as a faction when they defeated a United Republic army attempting to restore order to the Suez Canal. The unprecedented unification of tribes and war bands led to the formation of a permanent council of warlords who swiftly united the continent. Their battle strategy centers around the training of mighty war beasts which take the role of tanks, while improvised vehicles put together with little more than scrap and ingenuity continuously harass the enemy.

“Beasts and War Machines”

My death for the Emperor will be divine

The all-powerful Emperor of the Shogun Empire believes that he has a divine mandate to rule the world, and his fanatical imperial soldiers are more than willing to die fighting for that goal. The Empire armies are capable of moving quickly and hitting hard, combining traditional Eastern warfare, with modern war machines and incendiary weapons. Speed and devastating targeted blows are the hallmarks of Empire military strategy.
“Lightning Incendiary Assaults”


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