Talking Tactics: The Junta Anti-Tank Gun

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In the jungle being able to move quickly and quietly is paramount. But you won’t always be fighting in the jungle, compadre! Sometimes you will meet your enemy on the open field. That is why we have supplied you with a pequeño AT Gun. It is designed to easily move through the dense Amazonian forest and will outshine your other units when you meet Republican scum on the desert plains of Texas. Since the AT Gun can shoot twice as far as it can see, the approaching armies don’t stand a chance, especially if you send your Caballeros out to scout.

Do not be fooled by the slowness of the AT Gun compared to your other units. Yes, you will have to deploy it, before you can fire. However, if you pick the right spot, move to it quickly and deploy so you are set for the battle. Make no mistake though there is no advantage to using up only half your movement and deploying it in the same turn. Always deploy at the start of your turn, and blast your enemy to smithereens with your second action. Si, the AT Gun is a pain to move if it turns out you’ve deployed it on the wrong location. This isn’t a problem in open areas, but if the fight takes you into the depths of the jungle you’re better off sending your Amazons or Jungle Warriors to do their dirty business.

With only two men to operate the cannon, the AT Gun won’t take a heavy toll on your personnel. The small team makes this unit have a huge advantage over similar units in other factions. As the AT Gun is not considered a squad, damage done will not affect the attack power. The AT Gun will always have the same level of effectiveness. However, the people manning the AT Gun are vulnerable against infantry. Further, their light organic armor gives them a disadvantage against anti-personnel, rending, fire and hunting damage. You can easily counter this by placing some extra protection near the AT Gun.

They cost two manpower and two engineering, which you should bear in mind if you are saving up for vehicles and engineering is scarce. Amazons, Jungle Warriors, and even Mortars are a good alternative as they are capable of damaging enemy vehicles with their concussive damage, though they won’t beat an AT Gun. Commadante, the revolución needs you to show those yanks what’s what!



2 Comments to the "Talking Tactics: The Junta Anti-Tank Gun"

  1. contributor January 22, 2014 at 09:14 am

    Certainly not the most useless junta unit. Killdozer definitely is the most.

  2. contributor January 23, 2014 at 03:57 pm

    Seriously? This game is about mobility and range. If you have both, you can hit while not beeing hit back.
    Does this Junta pice have at least 1 of them? Yes, it does.

    You: “But there’s also damage dealt and damage soaking!”

    Oh yes, there are.
    Does it have the damage? Plain yes.
    Does it have the tankyness? HELL YES IT DOES! It’s an artillery pice, so it’s 100% deadly operational even with 1hp, unlike most of anti-tank squads whose lose members with every shot (and do have to get closer just to make plain clear that they get more bullets).

    Overpowered, like most of Junta units.

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