Talking Tactics: the biggest and most bad-ass units

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Rise and shine my fellow generals, it’s time to start kitting your armies out with some serious firepower. Aren’t you tired of looking on helplessly as your conscripts, revolutionaries or foot-soldiers are incinerated? I know that I am, and I also just happen to know just how to make your army scarier than an English football fan after ten pints. It’s time to go big or go home. No matter what faction you choose to play, there’s a unit with your name on it.

First up we have the Reaper. The rotating saw wielded by this mechanical monstrosity will cut through an enemy unit like a hot knife through butter and its secondary function speeds up the chaos. Just make sure that you don’t try and squeeze it through any gaps as it would be a lot like you trying to fit into those pants in a couple of weeks after Christmas: impossible.

The Flying Fortress; for a start it can fly, which other than being pretty cool, also gets rid of any maneuverability problems. Its armor makes sure that it can take a punch and many units can’t even attack it anyway. Ok that’s fine they’ll just attack it from the air I hear you say, guess again. Its anti-air machine gun attacks will put so many holes in your enemies that you can use them as a sieve.

We all know that the Alliance have the best tanks, that’s just the way it is. The Siege Tank is arguably the best tank in the game. If that doesn’t make you jump for joy, race onto your computer and get one, I don’t know what will. This tank has a high degree of health coupled with long range and a wide area of damage, that ensures that you can run but you can’t hide.

Any army needs a lot of nuts and bolts and metal to win, oh wait, not if you’re a Warlord. The Overlord has to be the biggest unit to ever walk the planet. A survivor of a bygone age the Overlord’s thick skin will withstand most of what your enemy will throw at it. It costs a mix of 4 Manpower, 2 Engineering and 4 Command, meaning you don’t have to save up resources in just one or two areas. When researched it also heals itself every turn. Basically a Warlord army without an Overlord is like Game of Thrones without Ned Stark, not the finished article.

The Hammer of the Union is way ahead of its time. Those Soviet engineers must be doing something right because this baby has cemented its place at the forefront of the Union ranks for some time now. For a start it’s cheaper than other units but has high health, good speed and two areas of effective attacks. Its secondary mortar attack can be fired every two turns and can effect everything within a large area. Seriously you need one of these if you want to take up the flag.

Finally, the pièce de résistance for our friends over in the Shogun Empire is the Akuma-Class. This tank is so bad-ass that we have already given it its own Talking Tactics article. So before the other players get jealous, I’ll just sum it up in three words, it’s really awesome.

Right folks, that about sums it up, I wish you many victories with your new-found epic units and I look forward to seeing some more carnage go down. If you feel inspired perhaps you can post some war stories on our forum!


2 Comments to the "Talking Tactics: the biggest and most bad-ass units"

  1. Aceman January 7, 2014 at 04:40 pm

    Oi! Cant we have a chemical version of the reaper instead of a giant hulking melee unit ._. I use the saw walker more often than the dumb reaper T.T

  2. Aceman January 7, 2014 at 04:42 pm

    Oi! Can the Juntas get a chemical throwing version of the reaper? I feel as if the chemical bus is made of paper to do its job T.T

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