Talking Tactics: Skirmish

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I know, we’ve done it, we have made March of War even more awesome, and developers take a bow. I am of course referring to the new game mode – Skirmish. This game mode lets you sink your teeth into March of War like never before. Become the general that you were born to be by honing your tactical skills against any faction that you so wish. Learn to go at it alone or fight alongside another heroic general as your plot your way to victory.

Skirmish enables you as the player to customize the battle in the way you choose. You can mix up the factions or fight against your own. Ever seen two Akuma-classes go up against each other? I have and believe me it’s as epic as it sounds. Fighting any faction will obviously require you to change your strategies to ensure that you remain standing at the end of the battle.

If you are playing in a mixed battle you should try to play to your strengths, really get to know your army’s ins and outs and you will be fine. For example if you are playing with an Empire/Alliance mixed team you know that the Alliance player will have awesome battle hardened tanks that can blast your units to kingdom come. So the wise Empire players would consider spending more of their engineering points on Immortals or use them for Rocket Trucks and Flame Tanks that take down those enemies that the bulky Alliance tanks may not. The Immortals are certainly the best units for picking off any enemy stragglers that might still be around after the tanks have done their worst.

In teams you’ll always share all Capture Points and the resources they generate, but where necessary you should make sure to communicate so that you don’t accidently block a teammate from placing units at a CP where there is limited space available. This is of course the same as in team PvP, but since you might be playing with different factions your teammate might need more space than you (e.g. Warlords have a lot of small vehicles, while the Union don’t have any and will always need at least a 4×4 space to deploy a vehicle). Those bloody Russians, they never do anything by halves do they!

Even though Skirmish mode doesn’t have any effect on the world map it really does hone your skills and you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Use the skills that you have learnt here to conquer the world and take down your enemies.


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  1. WhiteArtyWar January 15, 2014 at 08:06 am

    nice!…..wait..i’m Alliance user!?…..i must modify my strategy.

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