Talking Tactics: resisting the Empire’s flames

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You often have nothing left but the ashes of your men after the Imperial Army is done with you. The foot soldiers of the Emperor are deadly in melee as their katanas slice and dice your infantry. Needless to say the Shogun Empire can be a formidable opponent, with lasting fire effects and fast and sneaky units that will take you by surprise. This week in Talking Tactics we will give you some pointers on how to successfully resist the Empire’s flames!

If nothing else, heed this rule; don’t let your infantry and other organic units get in melee range with ANY empire soldier. If you unexpectedly run into their Foot Soldiers, Manchurian Infantry or Sikh Troops, their swords will cut you down to size. Fortunately, these infantry units aren’t faster than other standard infantry units – only specialist Empire infantry like the Shadows, the Dragon Monk and the Shaolin Monk have greater speeds than average. It shouldn’t be too hard to keep them at a distance. However, should you need to break through an area heavily guarded by imperial soldiers you had best soften them up with some good ranged attacks before attempting to pass.

You’re mom told you not to play with fire, you should heed her when battling the Imperial Army as well. The Rocket Troops can do substantial damage with their ranged attacks, while the Akuma-class can create a sea of flame surrounding it. The Flame Tank, the Rocket Truck and the War Balloon will engulf you with flames that will linger for a couple a rounds after. The best thing is to avoid fire at all cost and manoeuvre around it. Your heavy vehicles can take a hit though as they have a fairly good resistance to fire.

The most notable weakness in the Imperial Army is beyond a doubt its lack of heavy vehicles. Apart from the expensive Akuma-class they haven’t got any. The Empire vehicles rely on speed to avoid enemy AT and getting the first strike to limit effective return fire. Your best strategy here is to find some cover for your AT units so they will appear unexpectedly and be able to attack first, or use single units such as vehicles which won’t lose effectiveness as they take damage.

Your AT Guns will obliterate Empire vehicles, buy seeing as they are stationary can be easily outmanoeuvred. Investing in fast units that can damage heavy armor like the Amazons and the Jungle Warriors, and keeping them behind cover is a good idea. In general your infantry will be faster and have longer range than their Imperial counterparts. Keep them on the move to prevent them getting close, while you use your vehicles to contest enemy points.

The long range of your Field Artillery and the Angel will be instrumental in weakening the Empire infantry before they close in to melee. Strafing Runs can also be an effective way to disperse Empire infantry assaults. The Battle Tanks are an effective counter to the vehicles, but will take substantial damage from Rocket Troops or the Type 60s.

With your Naval Infantry you can stay ahead of the Empire’s infantry as they are slightly faster. You can also attempt to get a jump on them with the Naval’s secondary melee attack. However, the Empire strikes back. Your Flak Tank is sturdy enough to withstand the flames for a while and break through the Empire’s defences. Further, deploy Snipers and Maxim MG Teams to suppress the onslaughts of the Empire Infantry. Finally keep your Bear Tank out of range of the Rocket Troops, and you’ll be fine.

The long range of the Alliance infantry will be your greatest asset while engaging the Imperial forces. Use your Panhards to keep vehicles at bay and identify threats with its excellent LOS. Finally the Churchill Tank will simply smash the Empire’s low-health vehicles and infantry with its concussive damage.

Many of your units have melee or short ranged attacks like the Empire, in which case the advantage goes to whoever strikes first. Good recon, such as Biker Bombers with Hit and Run, or the Beastmaster who recently had her sight increased, can be a great asset here. Technicals are good counters to basic Empire infantry, since they aren’t vulnerable to melee attacks and deal good damage, but watch out for Shredders which have similar speed and size.


3 Comments to the "Talking Tactics: resisting the Empire’s flames"

  1. Ivan konev April 1, 2014 at 05:26 pm

    Whatever happens the union will prevail!

  2. Aceman April 2, 2014 at 02:23 am

    Juntas have amazons, missile rocs, jungle warriors, trench mortars, default mortars, dozer tanks, and Junta reaper which is fairly effective vs heavy armor and other stuff on the ground =)

  3. Masked Death April 29, 2014 at 02:06 pm

    Use your infantry against them. Their rocket troops will TOTALLY CRIPPLE your vechicles, altrough they can’t reach aircraft.

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