Sai’s dark past part 2

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Sai is very pleased with all the attention she got this weekend! The tournament for her kiss is still running and she told me that the competing marauders look promising. Today we dive deeper into Sai’s obscure past.

Sai found herself in quite a predicament after her airship crashed and she was kidnapped by Alesta and her band of marauders. Alesta told her that she worked with Sai’s father to fight against the Emperor of Rahmos. However, marauders are only loyal for a price. Alesta demanded one of his daughters and he chose Sai.

In the days after her kidnapping, Alesta brought Sai to Anchorpoint, the biggest pirate town in Kathos. At first Sai thought about escaping and going home. Her nights were filled with visions of her mother and her sisters. But whenever she saw Alesta, she was reminded of how her father had betrayed her. She wasn’t being kidnapped; her father knew exactly where she was.

When did she stop being a prisoner? One day, just after they reached Anchorpoint, Sai woke up and realized going home wasn’t among her options. Suddenly she fully understood what Alesta’s loyalty meant for her family. If Sai tried to go home, Alesta would sell the family out to the Emperor. And the Emperor didn’t deal lightly with traitors. Exile or imprisonment would be the best outcomes. However, traitors of the Emperor were mostly sent to the quarries in the North. Sai and her family would become slaves, chipping away stone for the rest of their days.

Sai decided that morning that a pirates’ life was all that was left for her. First order of business; commandeering her own air ship.


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