Invasion of the Mercs

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Suddenly wild Mercs were spotted everywhere in March of War. It started about two weeks ago and has bewildered players ever since. Are they spies, imposters? No-one knows.

The Invasion of the Mercs has been staged by Merc-Mecha, Goddess Angel of the World and all things above and below. In preparation of the D-Day release in April, the Mercs are operating behind enemy lines to gather inside information about bugs. For this we need to enlist the aid of the locals (that’s you – just saying).

While many more Mercs are playing March of War, I want to introduce to you the commanders who are most often seen in the chat. First of all, Merc-Hope, who is the leader of the Test Forces, vanquisher of insects, and her team member Merc-Niraven, the QA sniper who might be silent in chat, but who sees everything (and tells Mecha about it – you see we’re all snitches).

You have of course also seen Merc-Oboema, like a true Warlord he makes art out of scraps he finds in the dumpster. He’s the genius who designed the new UI. And finally, the new kid on the block, Merc-TD, head of technical and military development and beloved other of GI_Jane.

Many other Mercs have been spotted over the last few days, and many more will follow. We are on a mission to rid March of War of bugs and we’re here to help you at the same time!


3 Comments to the "Invasion of the Mercs"

  1. GI Jane March 11, 2014 at 03:46 pm

    +1 :D

  2. a player March 12, 2014 at 01:09 am

    D day release? seens like UR is going to war with EA soon… and we where debating a peace treaty, damn =/

  3. MacG March 13, 2014 at 08:18 am

    ” the beloved other of GI-Jane”.
    Is TD a Britophile as well?

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