Intel Report: improved siege mode and random bonus rewards

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The first patch of 2014 is live, with a hotfix on its way! I hope you like the new things and I’m looking forward to your feedback on our forum, or the Steam forum. I’m very curious how the world map is going to develop now that we have replaced the harbours with sea lanes. Though some of you might feel it’s limiting your movement, I think you’ll find conquering becomes more strategic as it isn’t as easy to move to the other side of the world.

Another pleasant surprise is, I think, the random reward you get after you’ve won a battle. As part of the new victory screen, you now have a chance at amazing prizes. Though often you’ll win a small amount of gold or minor consumable, you can also get units or a Tactical Nuke. So get your game on and give the wheel a spin!

To be honest with this patch we are most proud of the new siege mode. In one of our developer diaries we have already given you a sneak peek. Now I present you with a few tips and tricks for the revamped game mode. The idea is that you no longer defend a Command Vehicle, but a Command Center that is a static unit on the map. At the start of the battle you have a number of resource points under your control. Maintaining control of these points as long as you can is essential, because at the hardest difficulties the AI will be using more units and attacking harder than before, so you’ll need to keep calling in reinforcements.

Your Command Center can’t move, but does have two special abilities. You can use one of these every turn. Every Command Center has a standard artillery strike where three shells impact near the target area, which is likely to be central to winning the battle. In addition, each faction Command Center also has a unique secondary ability, which may be more situational than the primary artillery. One thing to bear in mind is that enemy air units and artillery can be especially threatening to your Command Center, and you should be prepared to face these threats. Air units in particular can be dangerous because you cannot counter them at all with your Command Center artillery.


3 Comments to the "Intel Report: improved siege mode and random bonus rewards"

  1. agentbluehawk January 28, 2014 at 04:51 pm

    well i think this patch is great but you dident have to nerf the soviet unions infantry that much. and instead of new things why dont you focus on the 1000000 bugs you have on this wonderful game if you want more people to play then fix the dumb bugs like one bug i aften have is that my units disappear all the time.i would fix the bugs before you add new content

  2. Louis Cianca January 29, 2014 at 03:54 am

    I just played a siege game yesterday and I still had a command vehicle . Should that have happened?

  3. ISOTX January 31, 2014 at 01:58 pm

    @agentbluehawk adjusting the balance of the unit is part of improving the game. many units have been adjusted, and will keep on being adjusted :)

    @Louis No, but that should be solved now.

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