Content Update: Data Transfer

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Today, we released a content update. It fixes several bugs that have been plaguing the community, and implements a few things behind the scenes to allow us to make a better game in the future. It also opens up the second StormSiege mission.

For the past month, you’ve been storming the beaches and laying waste to commandos and critters alike. Now that you’ve firmly established a beachhead, your forces have time to sort through the documents that the commandos left behind. The data that you discover could turn the tide of the war, but you need to get transmit it back to HQ first. Unfortunately, it appears the commandos are anything but beaten.

Stand firm against the Vaskr assault. Protect your bases until you can get the information uploaded. The Data Transfer must be completed.

[As usual, the complete changelog is available here.]



State of the Game: 2015

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Hi everyone! Merc-DamionFury here. It has been two years since March of War went into Early Access, and one year since it officially launched. We’ve come a long way since then, and the changes are ongoing. Today, we’re taking a… MORE

A New Unit, In Memoriam

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Many of you have noticed the AI deploying a new unit. A Mechsuit of some kind, it has led to plenty of questions and speculation. Let me introduce you to the Soviet Union’s newest unit, the YG11-4 ‘Medved’ Mechsuit. In February… MORE

The StormSiege Has Begun!

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A remote chain of islands in the pacific has come to the attention of the world. Surrounded by a giant typhoon, nobody is quite sure what hides within. Recently some wreckage was discovered suggesting an awesome and terrible weapon may lie at… MORE


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