Fan Art Contest Winners!

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As some of you may know, last Friday was Mecha’s last day with ISOTX. Having her as a part of our team was a pleasure for all of us, and we wish her the best in future endeavors! Before she left, though, she was kind enough to help us pick out the winners of the Fan Art Contest – a difficult undertaking to be sure, as we received many wonderful entries. You guys are ridiculously talented!

We’re proud to announce that the winner of the first place spot in the Fan Art contest and the March of War t-Shirt is none other than Yoska. First place in the Poster half of the challenge, and the winner of a printed copy of his poster goes to Color-Copycat!

Congratulations to both of our winners. Make sure you keep an eye on your real-life mail for your prizes to arrive, commanders! Second and third place recipients will receive a slightly less tangible, but equally exciting in-game mail within the next day or so as we sort through and pick out our runners-up.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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