Weekly Dev Blog July 24th, 2015

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In a new series of weekly updates, Merc-Winterborn has more information regarding the upcoming PVP Tournament and what the developers have been working.

News from Merc-Winterborn, Community Manager:

Have you heard of the coming Battle Royale between all six Factions in March of War? I can finally announce that the first round of the tournament will take place in August, with a hard date to be announced very soon. Included in this tournament will be an update to PvP across the board, and new maps for players to enjoy. A signup form will be added to the front page, giving you the opportunity to enter a single character into the August tournament. Be sure to choose your time slot availability to assist us in the seeding process.

If you haven’t heard from your Faction Leader about Battle Royale, make sure they know you are interested!

News from Merc-Weasley, Lead Developer:

We recently began addressing some of our long-standing PvP issues and we would like to fill you guys in on our progress.  Our immediate efforts have been focused on improving something that is critical to the PvP experience: action syncing across players.

In March of War, each entity in a game (unit, structure, etc) has a unique ID assigned to them when they are created.  Many of our systems depend on these IDs including our command system.  When you execute a command, that command is sent across the network to other players where it is executed in their game for the corresponding entity (which is identified by it’s unique ID). If for some reason the unique IDs across the clients aren’t matching up, all sorts of unruly anomalies can occur, compromising the entire experience.  You may have noticed this manifesting as consumables being executed for one player and not the other, units disappearing for seemingly no reason at all, etc.

Fortunately we have identified some problem areas that can cause the unique IDs to get out of sync and addressed them.  We are now testing these improvements internally and are happy to report that our syncing issues seem to be behind us. This seems to have been the root of the problem for many symptoms so we are very excited about this progress and what it means for the PvP experience.

We will continue testing these changes and making further improvements as needed so stay tuned for further updates!

News from Merc-DamionFury, Product Manager:

Something we’ve been working on for awhile, but haven’t said much about, is a change in the core technology behind our user interface. When March of War first launched, we built everything using Flash. It was a mature technology, and the other options just weren’t so great. Unfortunately, it proved a bad call. We found it difficult to make changes to the UI, had numerous strange issues (ever played the game in 4:3 aspect ratio?), and nobody can forget the crashes.

Last year, Unity released a new GUI system; it’s much more stable and easier to develop in. Changing the chat over to this has already considerably improved our stability and made it much easier to add new features. This week, we began testing a build that doesn’t have a scrap of Flash in it, which will extend the same advantages to the rest of the game. For now, we’re getting back to where it’s playable again, after which we’ll roll it out to you. We’re also designing a newer, better UI, but that will be brought out a month or so after.

So, when will this be release? That’s hard to judge. This isn’t the kind of thing you want to screw up, so we’re going to make sure it’s working right before we release. It just doesn’t make sense to do it any other way. We can safely say it will be released by 31 August, and probably sooner, but it’s hard to say with more certainty.


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