UPDATE: AI Improvements

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It has been over a month since we last posted an update. Not to worry though, the March of War team has been insanely busy planning heinous new ways to keep you entertained . . . expect some hints over the coming weeks.

Right now, let’s focus on AI improvements.

Our AI team is determined to present a formidable challenge, even to the best players. Over the past year the AI has experienced many teething problems, including taking too long, moving illogically, misusing units, and even fleeing combat. Our AI team mission is to improve the AI behavior, in each difficulty level, one difficulty level at a time.

The October 10th patch implemented a substantial improvement for the Master difficulty AI. So much so that some players have suggested that Master has become too hard. Bear in mind that Master difficulty was always intended to be a true test of your skills. Only the best commanders, with properly equipped armies, should be able to take it down.

The AI team will focus on substantial improvements to the intelligence of the upper-end AI difficulty levels. Our goal for 2015 is to implement the first stage of an adaptive AI that studies your play style and adjusts its strategy accordingly.

Expect the AI to become increasingly intelligent. Additionally, the PvE difficulties will become more steeply graduated. Each AI difficulty level will be distinctly harder than the previous level. Don’t expect to use the same weapon combinations and strategies across all of them.

We encourage you to try the new Master Difficulty AI and tell us what you think.

Freaky Friday: Ice bucket challenge

29-Aug-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | Post a comment »

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Changelog March of War

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