Battle Royale Round 2 Match Ups

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This past week we released six new maps for players to enjoy, and kicked off the Battle Royale Tournament. We were able to see some great matches, including some which lasted several hours. With the field whittled down, Round Two begins this weekend.

For those who streamed their game during Round 1, a gift has been sent to your account. Match winnings from Round 1 and the Steam Achievement Badge will follow shortly.

Round Two matchups are set below, including two that have a “Highest Seed”. These Highest Seed will wait until the rest of the round plays out, then play those winners. Round Two ends when there are only two players remaining, who both advance on to the Faction Final Round.


Battle Royale Match Up List & Rewards

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Below is the listing for first round match ups in the Battle Royale.  You will receive a PM giving you the name of your opponent, then it will be up to you to contact that player to arrange a time where the battle can take place. Once a time is agreed… MORE

Battle Royale Sign up is live!

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Follow this simple form link to sign up for our Battle Royale PVP tournament - SIGN UP HERE The tournament begins AUGUST 21st where faction will be pitted against each other. The overall size of the tournament depends on how many members enter,… MORE

Weekly Dev Update 8-14-15

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Here is your weekly news update!      The newest server update has been rolled out. Almost all of it was backend and invisible to you. These were things that make the devs lives much easier. There are three important changes to note: -… MORE


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