Small Updates; Big Changes

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Earlier this week we did a small update on the servers. Today we pushed out a patch. Each of these brought big changes. In the case of the server update, the composition of the factions’ High Commands were shaken up. The patch brought a much more stable client with a new chat interface. We’ve updated the Change Log but we thought it would be good to elaborate on these things.

Server Update

The main focus of the server update was addressing an issue with faction High Command that had left several long-time HC members out in the cold. This was caused by a small bug in the way the game decided whether a character was considered active. Now that the issue is fixed, people have noticed new members of the HC with very low faction rankings. It looks like another bug, but it isn’t. Every day, at midnight UTC, the game looks at the list of characters in the faction. It orders them from highest to lowest rank, and then checks when they last played a battle. That is the big change. If a regular battle has been played in the last week (skirmish doesn’t count), that character is considered active. Once the list of active characters has been determined, it selects the top 30 players for inclusion on the High Command. In other words, factions must be led from the front. Many long-time HC members have been spending too much time directing and too little time fighting. If you want back in, you’ll need to stay on the battle field.

Client Update

Game version 35845 was released to address the rampant crashes players have been experiencing. The exact details of the issue are pretty technical, but it was related to chat. Fortunately, we’ve been working on replacing that ugly and clunky thing. It still needs a few tweaks, but we’re rather pleased with it. We’re going to continue polishing it over the next several patches, but we know how bad the crashes have been; we decided you needed something that worked now. Things should be pretty easy to figure out. All of your familiar features are still there, along with the addition of adjustable text size and toggle-able transparency. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it’s much better than before.


March of War goes Steam only

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As of March 27th, 2015, March of War will no longer be available from the Web launcher. We are moving away from our Web launcher for a few reasons, the most important of which is that it’s built using Java — a technology that has been in the news… MORE


13-Mar-2015 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 3 Comments »

You guys have been incredibly patient, thank you! It’s Patch Day! This is a huge update to the game, and it’s just the beginning of a series of interesting developments here at March of War HQ. This patch contains many visible changes… MORE

Shh…don’t tell anyone you saw this.

09-Feb-2015 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 5 Comments »

**This content is currently under development and could change before release**… MORE


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