Freaky Friday: Sai’s dark past part 1

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A pirates’ life for me! This saying might be famous, but no-one chooses this life. That is not to say the sky pirates of Kathos are an unhappy bunch, after all they’ve got the lovely Sai looking after them. Makes you wonder how she ended up in Anchorpoint, though, doesn’t it? I mean, she didn’t choose this life, so what led her to it?

Sai grew up as the middle child in a Rahmosian military family. All children were expected to join the army and fight for the glory of Rahmos. At age five her parents sent her to a military academy to be properly trained in the art of war. At the age of twelve, when the children get their first flying lesson, it turned out she had a knack for airships. As the ace pilot of her class, it was expected she would rapidly rise through the ranks in the air force of the Rahmos army.

Fate, however, had a different plan. Or should I say a certain pirate had a different plan. One day, when Sai and her two sisters were on the ship back home for their spring break, their airship was shot down and crashed. The girls thought at first that the pirates only wanted to rob the ship, but when Sai disappeared in the chaos it turned out that the situation was much more dire than that.

The shaking of the truck woke Sai up. It was dark, and she could barely make out any details. A narrow strip of light peeked through the back of the truck. She tried to remember what happened. She knew the ship had crashed. There had been fire, smoke and explosions? She was bit fuzzy on the details. At one point the world had turned black. The next thing she knew was this truck.

In her reminiscence she failed the feel the truck slowing down. Someone opened the back of the truck. “Get out,” he grunted.
“Who are you?” Sai demanded, refusing to move even an inch.
“None of your business, princess,” the man grabbed her arm and dragged her out.
The sun blinded Sai for a moment, but when her vision cleared she found herself surrounded by a band of thuggish looking men and a pretty looking blond-haired girl. The girl smiled at her and extended her hand: “Hi, my name is Alesta. I’m really sorry we had to drag you out here, but I need some insurance from your dear papa.”
Sai’s eyes widened as she realized what was going on. “I see you’re catching on,” Alesta twirled a strand of Sai’s dark hair around her finger: “Not all families in Rahmos support the Emperor. Your daddy got in a little over his head with his plan against his sovereign. Without my support, his betrayal will reach the Emperor. And well… you can guess what happens next. So I proposed a deal to him. One of his daughters for my loyalty.”

To be continued… (A little angel told me the next episode is on Tuesday)


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