Changelog March of War

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In this post you’ll find the latest changes and updates for March of War.

Wednesday, 9th April, 2014

• Fixing Manchurian Infantry Sword Strike tech not being synced properly.
• Changed the way in which the AI deploys in blitz. Now it has a cap on how much of a deploy-zone/capture-point it wants to occupy, and should not deploy beyond that. This is to help with units getting clogged up in Blitz particularly.
• Adjusted Beginner and Easy AI allowed unit numbers


Junta Booby Traps cost increased to 5C from 4C.

Junta Missile Roc
• Switched secondary to Anti-Armor from Concussive.
• Reduced secondary damage to 125-175 from 150-200.
• Removed cooldown on secondary attack.


Republic G.I.s
• Primary damage actually reduced to 100-150 from 120-160.
• Secondary grenades damage reduced to 100-150 from 125-175.


Union Red Army Soldiers secondary damage changed to 50-80 from 50-75.

Union People’s Truck
• Propaganda now heals 20-40 HP and gives 50% damage boost to allied ground units within 32.
• Demoralize now disables the attack of enemies within 32. One turn cooldown.
• Cost changed to 2E 1C from 3E.
• HP reduced to 200 from 250.

Union Artillery Barrage max scatter reduced to 8 from 12.

Union Minefield Drop damage increased to 80-120 from 50-70.

Union Leaflet Drop
• AoE switched back to 24 from 20 to match Commissar.
• Fixed to affect vehicles as well as infantry.
• Now affects air units as well.

Union Commissar speed increased to 5 from 4.

Union Inferno Hammer
• Speed increased to 5 from 4.
• No longer intended to explode on death.


Empire Immortal cost increased to 3M 3E from 3M 2E.

Monday, 31st March, 2014

General changes:

• Some fixes for the AI surrendering in assault
• Fix for the AI M3 Lee not firing enough
• Fix for the AI spawning in the fog of war
• Fix for an auto retreat issue in PvP
• Some map issues have been fixed
• Fix for Siege AI not moving
• Fix for Siege AI clogging up capture points
• Fix for the Siege AI not shooting the command center when in range in some situations
• Fixes for a number of tooltip issues

Balance changes

Junta Hulk secondary no longer reveals Hulk in FOW.

Junta Saw Walker
• HP increased to 400 from 350.
• Cost decreased to 5E 4C from 6E 4C.

Junta Reaper speed increased to 4 from 3.

Junta Booby Traps now only affect enemy units, allies can pass unharmed.

Junta Air Ambush
• Cost increased from 3C to 4C.
• Damage increased to 175-225 from 100-150.


Republic G.I.s primary damage reduced to 100-150 from 120-160.

Republic Bazookas
• Corrected secondary tooltip to state 25% armor reduction instead of 50%.
• Secondary attack damage increased to 50-100 from 30-60.

Republic Flame Tank name change to ‘Zippo’.

Republic Supply Drop Crates healing AoE increased to 24 from 16.


Alliance Spy
• Reduced cost to 2M 1C from 2M 2C.
• Removed Disruption income blocking ability.
• Increased sight range to 90 from 60.
• Secondary ability resets one move after use.
• Demo Trap HP increased to 50 from 25.

Alliance Half-track
• Increased speed to 4.5 from 4.
• Reduced cooldown on secondary suppression to 1 from 2.

Alliance Siege Tank
• Primary damage reduced to 250-350 from 300-400.
• Primary AoE reduced to 8 from 10.
• Secondary AoE increased to 20 from 18.


Union People’s Truck
• Propaganda now targets 2 ground units in LOS, giving each a 50% bonus.
• Inspiration now heals 2 ground units in LOS for 20-40 (can heal same unit twice).
• All cooldowns removed.

Union Inferno Hammer
• Cost reduced to 5E 4C.
• Primary attack is now indirect.
• Added volatile – Inferno Hammer spawns a huge fire pool on death.
• Immunity to fire damage added.

Union Comrade
• Abilities and passive aura range increased to 24 from 20.
• Sight range increased to 80 from 60.
• Name change to Commissar.

Union Red Soldiers
• HP increased to 120 from 100.
• Molotov damage increased to 50-75 from 40-60.
• Molotov range increased to 24 from 20.

Union Sniper
• Reduced cost to 2M 4C from 3M 4C.
• Increased speed to 5 from 4.
• Increased sight range to 60 from 40.

Union BA-10
• Speed increased to 5 from 4.
• Sight range increased to 45 from 30.

Union Sickle RPG Salvo cooldown increased to 1 from 0.

Union Partisan RPG Team critical chance reduced to Low from High.

Union Leaflet Drop
• Changed to reset movement and ability cooldowns on allied units.
• AoE reduced to 20 from 24.


Empire Daimyo
• Noble Death now buffs allied infantry 50% Move and Attack when Daimyo dies.
• Removed armor penalty from Banzai action reset.
• Sight range increased to 60 from 50.
• Cost decreased to 2M 3C from 2M 4C.

Empire Dragon Monk sight range increased to 80 from 40.


Warlord Raiders
• Damage changed to 120-160 from 100-180.
• Healing increased to 120 from 80. Cooldown increased to 1 from 0.

Warlords Beastmaster sight range increased to 60 from 30.

Friday, March 21st, 2014

• Fix for a case where a network command activates a unit that can deploy but isn’t actually deploying it
• Fix for AI dropping consumables on top of other units
• Fix for AI dropping certain consumables on command centers
• Some more crash fixes

Friday, March 14th, 2014

• Fixed existing bug in AI surrender condition, and made it adjust according to difficulty.
• In Coop, end the surrendering computer or human’s turn and immediately switch to the next player’s turn.

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

• Debugging tools for developers
• Some changes to encryption, to avoid the issue where errors occur whenever the client time is set differently from the server time
• Fixes for some of the mini-maps
• Updates to some of the unit card texts
• Some small PvP fixes

Friday, 7th March, 2014
• Changed the PvP maximum deploy time to 5 minutes
• Auto surrender in PvP now occurs after 2 skipped turns instead of 3
• Fix for the Demo Truck deployment of a Demo Trap causing an explosion
• Fix for removing invite alerts when the host leaves the created games

Thursday, 6th March, 2014
• Fix for game crashes after reintroducing harbors
• More debug logging for the developers

Wednesday, 5th March, 2014

• The AI no longer drops napalm bombs on command centers
• The one minute turn penalty in PvP has been removed temporarily to avoid a number of issues
• First fix in a series of exploit preventions
• Reintroducing a number of harbors
• Fix for some crashes during battle load
• Multiple fixes for problems with squads (all factions)
• Resources are capped at 75 now
• Some fixes for units not attacking
• More debugging code for developers

Friday, 28th February, 2014 

• Increased Blitz Battle Point rewards by ~65%
• Fix for music volume level
• Fix for scaling unit marker boxes the wrong size
• Change to include previous game log for Mac as well
• Fix for action buttons and reticles
• The AI should no longer surrender except in the face of certain defeat.
• Steam notifications are now in the top right of the game, so it doesn’t block the end turn’ button
• Siege AI won’t attack the CV with consumables on low difficulty levels

Thursday, 27th February, 2014 

• Fix for the AI ending the human turn, and thus the player turn being skipped
• Fix for action points that weren’t being displayed if something had given the unit more
• Fix for oversized cool down text
• Fix for misfire effects that leave persistent weapons sometimes spawning twice
• Fix for the Sniper primary doing the same damage as the secondary
• Fix for the exit battle crash reported by Schimwaggen
• Fix for double effect messages and stuka call-in

Tuesday, 25th February, 2014 

• Limited character deletion to once every 24 hours to prevent abuse
• Only show post battle screen automatically if already on world map
• Fix for getting stuck in the game queue
• Fix for XP bar not taking max level into account
• Fix for sound settings reset after each battle/logging in again
• Change to help with some problems the range circles have
• Change to deal with the inconsistent capture point HUD glow

• Fix for Sonic Tank causing too much damage
• Fix for War Zeppelin tech links

• Fix for Amazon Net needing no tech
• Fix for Killdozer secondary not causing cooldown properly
• Fix for the Killdozer muzzle flash locations
• Changed Trench Mortar to do a set amount of damage, with no difference in damage based on radius 1/2

• Increased Mounties damage

• Fix for AT Sniper disabling attack of everything with his primary attack
• Adjusted Union Sniper, AT Sniper, and Flak Tank primary damage
• Fix for 2nd Flak Tank attack timeout

Friday, 21st February, 2014 



Junta Chemical Bus

  • HP increased to 300 from 200.
  • Speed increased to 6 from 5.

Junta Saw Walker attack increased to 250-275 from 225-275.


Republic Mounties

  • Cost increased to 4M from 3M.
  • Sight increased to 60 from 40.
  • Damage increased to 90-130 from 80-120.

Republic Jeep

  • HP increased to 120 from 100.
  • Sight increased to 80 from 60.

Republic Medical Jeep cooldown on AoE heal removed.


Alliance Sonic Tank

  • Secondary changed to AoE attack instead of railgun.
  • Minimum range increased to 40.

Alliance Command HT

  • Cost changed to 1E 4C from 3E 3C.
  • Primary Move Reset range increased to 50. You now target two vehicles to get their moves reset.
  • Secondary Mortar Strike added. Stats are the same as the Officer’s Mortar Strike.
  • Passive Armor Boost removed.

Alliance V2 Launcher

  • Damage reduced to 150-250 from 250-350.
  • Cooldown reduced to 1 from 2.
  • HP reduced to 450 from 550.

Alliance War Zeppelin

  • HP increased to 350 from 300.
  • Bombing attack moved to secondary. Can only be used when War Zeppelin is deployed (it starts Braced for Impact with greater speed and armor).
  • New primary attack added – Stuka Call-in.
  • Stuka has 125-175 Concussive damage, a range of 30/80, AoE of 8, and cooldown of 1.
  • Instead of unlocking deploying/undeploying Brace for Impact via tech, you unlock the Stuka Call-in.


Union Hammer

  • HP increased to 450 from 400.
  • Secondary Mortar replaced with LOS Anti-Armor shot dealing 175-225 damage. Range is 15/60, 1 turn cooldown.
  • Cost increased to 6E 4C from 5E 4C.

Union Inferno Hammer

  • HP increased to 450 from 350.
  • Cost increased to 6E 6C from 6E 4C.

Union Sickle cost increased to 6E 4C from 5E 4C.

Union Paratroopers

  • HP increased to 160 from 150.
  • Secondary range increased to 16 from melee (same as the Shadows Sticky Bombs range, for comparison).

Union Flak Tank secondary changed to target single air unit. Cooldown reduced to 1 from 2, range is 70.

Union AT Sniper

  • Primary attack damage increased to 100-150 from 50-100.
  • Secondary changed to Target Sights, which disables the attack of target enemy vehicle. Deals 50-100 damage. 3 turn cooldown.


  • Warlord Raiders primary is no longer an AoE attack, but range increased to 35 from 20. The Zulu Warriors retain shorter range and AoE.
  • Increased how long Demo Truck fire pool remains by one round.

Map changes

  • Adjusted randomized starting points on some maps to prevent starting ‘next to each other’.
  • Units should now face toward the enemy in blitz maps to give you a better sense of direction. Known issue: may not work in deploy phase.
  • Rebalanced Filtrate: more cover and captures points are slightly repositioned.
  • Fixed 4×4 units being stuck on Orient. Also repositioned capture points. Fixed terrain texture (was using an old version).
  • Added a ramp in Supervision. Also repositioned capture points a little bit. Adjusted randomization of capture points (you should now start from across each other, not next to each other).
  • Opened up some pathways in Dale. Also repositioned capture points so they’re closer to each other. Replaced a command point with manpower point. Fixed randomisation of starting points. Fixed terrain texture (was using an old version).
  • Fixed an offset house in Suburb. Fixed terrain texture (was using an old version).
  • Removed Salvage entirely.
  • All critter/tech building maps are now part of the main map pool, instead of specific territories on the worldmap.
  • Removed 2 deploy zones from Huts, repositioned critters.

AI changes

  • Surrendering fix for the new assault mode with no deploy zone.
  • Computer is more careful about shooting the human directly at the beginning of blitz.
  • Pathfinding fixes.

Other changes

  • It’s now possible to delete characters
  • Added mini map to the 3D game
  • New version of health bars
  • Improved feedback on the state that units are in, by showing specific effects on them
  • Resized a number of units in preparation for future changes
  • Improved the way quality settings are updated in the 3D game
  • Fixed the Flak tank time-out
  • Fix for the “Oval ring” issue some capture circles were having.
  • Added a more meaningful message to users when auto-surrendering after successive turn skips
  • Fix for unit messages hovering off screen not updating meaning they could reappear much later which was confusing.
  • Caching of routes for significant performance gain
  • Time out matchmaking queues quicker to prevent ghost battle slots from sticking around (too) long
  • PvP games were not properly auto-resolved
  • Faction Leaders are now allowed in High Command
  • Fix for comment related error for certain alert stack messages
  • Fixed the Shaolin monk not being able to move
  • Added a boost effect for the Daimyo boost
  • Fixed the Daimyo attack time-out
  • Fixed the shadows inability to move
  • Adjusted scale of the walker units to become more epic
  • Changed the sonic projectile
  • Fixed some issues with timing
  • Metal fragments model used in new vehicle explosions

Friday, 7th February, 2014

• BIG memory fix, which should run the game a lot smoother on lower end systems, and reduce loading times
• Fixed the offset for the BA10
• Some AI fixes
• Fix for turret rotation
• Upgrade to Unity 4.3
• Fix for some of the 50% hangs
• Brighter victory flag

Friday, 31st January, 2014

• Fix for the issue that caused rewards to be incorrect after computer surrenders
• Fix for the command vehicles not behaving properly in Blitz
• Fix for Cossack attacks
• Fixes for AI consumable usage
• Worldmap video added in information overlay
• Fix for inverted debuff icon
• Fix for messed up exclamation point on target reticles
• Fix for hidden cooldown label
• Fix for GameCamera zooming out in AI turn, even if human attempts to take control of the zoom.

Monday, 27th January, 2014

• Updates to the Siege mode; the Command Vehicles have been replaced with stationary Command Centers, and new maps have been created for this.
• Harbors are removed, new sea lanes have been added
• Tutorial videos have been added in the ‘help’ section
• New gem store integration; purchasing gems should be much easier now
• New post-battle screen, with a random reward drop when you win the battle! This can be gold, a free consumable, and in the future even more!
• Steam achievements: now it’s possible to earn March of War achievements on Steam as well!
• Changes to the avatar creator, which make it easier to quickly get into the game


• Fixed Brace for Impact on the War Zeppelin so it gives 25% extra armor as intended instead of -25%.

• Siege Tank
• Secondary AoE reduced to 18 from 26.
• Secondary damage increased to 300-400 from an effective damage of around 250.
• There is no extra damage at center point.

• Attack bonus from Manchurian Infantry Horde bonus reduced to +5 attack (this is per squad member).

• Increased cost of Type 60 to 4 Engineering from 3.

• Shredder Tank
• Cost increased to 4 Engineering from 3.
• Removed Battery Fire passive ability.
• Health reduced to 175 from 200.
• Primary damage increased to 80-120 from 60-90.
• New secondary: deals 120-160 Rending damage, range 30/70, only targets air units.

• Akuma-class
• Secondary AoE reduced to 30 from 36.
• Secondary cooldown increased to 1 from

• Flame Tank is now immune to fire damage.

• Warlords
• Warbeast Pack bonus now provides +25 HP and a speed boost instead of an attack power boost. The bonus no longer stacks.

• Killdozer
• Speed increased to 3.5 from 3.
• Primary attack changed to indirect attack. Range is 45-70, AoE is 8, scatter is 0-4.
• Secondary attack changed to be the same as primary, but with range 70-100. Using the secondary disables the Killdozer’s attack for the next turn.

• Dozer Tank speed increased to 4.5 from 4.

• Some improvements for Assault: strategy components that rush the opponent/defend friendly CPs.
• TargetSelector improvements: fixed some melee attacks (e.g. Alliance Cossacks primary attack was broken); added knowledge on how to shoot ground locations for area of effect weapons.
• AI vs critters strategy improvement: should target critters less, and avoid them more.
• Assault bugfixing: capturing distance estimation fix.
• AI use of some consumables was broken, fixed that.
• Fixes for AI deployment: mostly positioning.
• Small game camera improvement: will fully zoom out on AI turn and will not move to center on a new unit unless it’s out of view.
• AI movement bugfixes: walkable area estimation was wrong.
• AI position selection improvements: will shoot from inside a CP capture area if possible.
• Nuke truck consumable will be used by the AI now.
• Removed Drill Tank from AI usage.

• All assault maps: removed the deploy zone and replaced it with manpower capture points instead.
• All assault maps: randomized starting positions (the ownership of capture points is randomized, the amount of starting capture points differs per map).
• All maps: fixed height calculation of the terrain, which should fix most of the line of sight issues with cliffs (not being able to shoot down a cliff, etc).
• All maps: fixed an issue where a map would not fully load due to a bugged out physics box.
• Updated all siege maps to fit the new design of siege.
• A bunch of maps now have their art corrected with the new cliffs.
• Optimized a lot of art asset placed in maps.
• Updated tutorial dialog on several maps (it was showing the wrong message for the actual played mode).
• Removed Alert State assault, blitz and blitz 2v2 mode (skirmish 2v2 still remains).
• Removed Bamboo entirely.
• Removed Chasm both blitz and assault version as it was experienced to be a ‘very annoying map’.
• Removed Damp assault mode.
• Removed Dawn blitz mode.
• Removed Derail blitz mode.
• Removed Desert Square assault mode.
• Removed Encampment blitz mode.
• Removed Flooded Temple blitz mode.
• Removed Frontier assault mode.
• Removed Home assault mode.
• Removed Homestead assault mode.
• Removed Jungle Construction entirely.
• Removed Oversight assault mode.
• Removed Outpost assault and assault 2v2 mode.
• Removed Pipeline blitz mode.
• Removed Railgun Blockade entirely.
• Removed Schism blitz 2v2 mode.
• Removed Shore Ruins blitz mode.
• Removed Stolen Goods blitz mode.
• Removed Tower of Babel entirely.
• Removed Tropic Turmoil assault mode.
• Removed Twisted Garden entirely.

General fixes and changes:
• Fix for outdated move overlay sometimes appearing for deployed entities.
• Fixed Storm Troopers secondary not always suppressing enemies, and corrected tooltip.
• Fixed the secondary of the naval trooper not working.
• Allow space bar to cycle through CV’s, even if they’re technically reinforce points.
• Took out episode loading screen, default is back.
• Activated visual state FX for units (poison/burning/bleeding for infantry, burning for vehicles).
• Adjusted the distance to check if movement has finished yet. Should make it work better with squads.
• Updated Shredder Tank tooltips.
• Fix mesh leaking in circle overlays.
• Fix for the Battle Tank rotation issue.
• Fix for out of range exception loading games and null ref errors for some games.
• Fix for world map camera bug where exiting pre battle screen allowed camera to pan/zoom while focused on a territory.
• Apply PW particle fx to all squad members individually instead of the parent squad.
• Fixed another issue with cliffs, LOS seems to work correct now next to cliff.
• Animation time-out bugfix.
• Death animation bugfix for the Battle Tank.
• Camera will now zoom out to max height in the AI turn.
• Fixed water reflection crash.
• Include map name in the bug reports.
• Fix for the missing unit damage messages.
• Tweaked Warlord, Republic, Alliance and Empire animations to no longer hold their weapons weirdly when moving. + slowed animations down slightly.
• Tweaked all Warlords, Republic, Empire, Junta animations to remove jitter/hitches.
• Tweaked the jitter on the Amazon.
• Adjusted the movement animation speeds.
• Changed Battle Button to green and more to the left.
• Updated Killdozer abilities and tooltips.
• Added “ago” to timestamps in objectives Fixed Faction Election Text being misaligned.
• Close button missing in territory overlay on 4:3 ratio screens.
• Removed Gun silhouette.
• Added new Audio for flipping random reward Added sparkles to flipping the reward.
• Added Global Cooldown effect to all attacks that set attack to -100%, so they should now disable both primary and secondary attacks instead of just primary.
• Don’t ignore LOS when showing crosshairs for potential targets after a move.
• Fixed incorrect Warlord Rebels stats.
• PW’s now ignore attack and move commands if they are issued and print a warning instead.
• Changed the Immortal’s idle animation (froze the Y movement if any).
• Akuma-class now uses the barrage feature to fire three distinct shots instead of three at once, looks much cooler now.
• Victory/defeat flag animations at the end of game.
• Removed the boats from the worldmap.
• Placed Norway label on Norway.
• Reduced amount of API calls for chat.
• Updated the capture points to use another shader (which works better with fog of war, etc).
• Fixed quick play breaking when zoomed in on a territory before going to Battle -> Quick Play.

Saturday, 21st December, 2013

Resolved the AI taking two turns at once at the beginning of games

Friday, 20th December, 2013

• CP resources are now passed correctly in Skirmish
• GI’s no longer produce rainbows
• Chat no longer bounces
• Shader issues in temperate maps have been fixed
• Font size of legenda has been reduced
• Changed Public/Private button to tickbox
• Added short text explanation to skirmisch game create
• Norway is no longer located in Sweden
• Adjusted the loading screen

Wednesday, 18th December, 2013

New features
• Skirmish: you’re now free to create a battle, however you want, PvE or PvP!
• Quick battle: play against beginner AI
• Quick PvP: no more waiting endlessly for matches!
• AI now starts first at the top 4 levels in world map battles
• Added a new information overlay to the world map

Balance changes

• Primary damage increased to 40-60 from 30-50.
• Reduced cooldown on secondary attack to 1 turn from 2.

Decreased Howitzer scatter to 6-12 from 10-16.

Salvaged AC
• Cost increased to 4E from 3E.
• Primary attack damage changed to 60-100 Rending from 80-140 Anti-Personnel.
• Secondary attack damage increased to 100-150 from 80-120.
• Secondary attack changed to AA only.
• Secondary attack cooldown removed.

Warlords Weapon Stack
• Cost reduced to 3C from 4C.
• Health reduced to 150 from 200.
• Instead of damage boost, the Weapon Stack can now reset the action of one nearby allied ground unit each turn.

Spy now gets one move reset after planting a Demo Trap.

Empire Flame Tank
• Fixed secondary sometimes not spawning the larger fire pool.
• Added two turn cooldown to secondary.

Korean Archers
• Health reduced to 100 from 125.
• Reduced damage of the fire pool they spawn to 50 from 80.

Daimyo no longer resets move of target units; only their action.

Decreased Rocket Truck scatter to 5-15 from 5-25.

Fixed Union Vulture not damaging large beasts.

Increased Maginot Turret range to 120.

Reduced Emplaced Gun minimum range to 45 from 70.

Reduced Stealth of Spider Swarms to 50% from 75%.

AI improvements

• Balanced difficulty levels better and improved the selection of unit(s) that the AI will deploy.
• Master AI has a new simple move for flanking the opponent.
• Supports coop Assault games now.
• Improved AI turn time in long games.
• Improved builder strategy (capture point selection and unit type selection).
• Improved AI awareness of Area Of Effect weapons & Persistent weapons.
• Fixed various AI crashes.
• Fix for one instance where the AI moves a small amount after doing an initial move, effectively wasting its second move point.
• AI will never surrender in coop if it has at least one human ally.
• Some new AI strategies added.
• Move tactics patch: AI being smarter about move tactics (double, single move) when the AI is about to ‘meet’ the enemy.

Art updates

• Asset texture tweaks (desaturation etc).
• Water shader tweaks.
• Team color updates.
• New ground shader system.
• Lighter explosion decals.
• Darkened the fog of war.
• Christmas 2D additions.
• Changed Loading screen image to Christmas Card
• Slight Dragonmonk material tweak
• Slight modifications to the Warballoon material.
• Alliance propellor tweak.
• Smooth menu transitions.
• Reduced visual size of War Balloon to .8

General updates

• Mac startup crashes have been fixed.
• Fixed eventgroup minimum bid.
• Delete old shopping cart item.
• Fixed loading screen hang after retreat (once and for all?).
• Added an overlay for the main UI.
• Don’t cycle through consumables via space bar.
• Added help icon with tooltip to explain quick play uses lowest difficulty.
• Fix for worldmap tooltips showing tthrough Scaleform.
• Fixed the grenade showing up in mid-air when thrown.
• Updated tooltips for Guerrillas and Storm Troopers to say they lose ability to target air units when deployed.
• Updated the capture point overlay texture.
• Volume/sound fixes.
• Fixed an issue which caused a blitz game to fail to load.
• Adjusted explosion timing.
• Worldmap should now show when it’s loaded so you might not see the striped worldmap anymore
• Adjusted FX to have less brown colour & removed the foliage disturbance from all explosions/muzzles.
• Disabling the game camera before destroying the scene, to avoid that dirty last frame with the black terrain.
• Changing the waviness of chain link fences and barbed wire.
• Changed Warlord Weapon Stack to be cheaper, a little weaker, and restore an action to a ground unit each turn rather than having a damage boost aura.
• Fixed missing tooltips and error in a boost
• Change search button to say vote when result is selected on vote page.
• Some fixes for the launcher injection when building a mac build on windows.
• Fix for black square bug on fire pools.
• Temperate water fixed.
• Fixed the bug that made all the terrain being black when Windows session is restored.
• Water ignore transparency in reflection
• Fixing Chemical Bus gas cloud revealing the Chem Bus through the FOW
• Fix for election text bugging position.
• Fixed Marshal having tank death sound when killed.
• Repositioned create character to prevent on-screen movement.
• Changed the popup for no free battleslots.
• Moved Battle Button from the bottom to the top bar.
• Fixed two turn cooldown on Empire Flame Tank, adjusted tooltips
• Fixed broken Flame Tank secondary that sometimes didn’t cause a fire.
• Fixed a bug where deal store would not reload when a timer runs out.
• Added Opponent Faction to the match found screen in matchmaking.
• Text change when trying to invite a player with no free battle slots.
• Spelling error when searching for players with not enough open battle slots.
• Black Banner Akuma-class didn’t have the right material set so it looked like a normal one.
• Bottombar height fixed when rescaling.
• Fixed ranking badge for level 34 had an offset.
• Fix for broken faction page (ranking was broken).
• New mac scaleform library with support for returning 64bit movie IDs. This should fix the problem on Mac where scaleform movies randomly stopped working.
• Fixed Warlord Mk IV tanks having jeep move sounds instead of tank ones, fixed a minor error in a tooltip.
• Fixed the Amazon Net ability
• Removed miss chance from tanks.
• Fix for clicking portrait in battle group member list would not go to the correct profile .
• Added Help messages about the Q, E & Z hotkeys.
• Fix for faction page breaks when visiting project page from world map first.
• Fixing inaccurate Daimyo tooltips.
• Added missing deployment tooltips to various Command Cards.
• Slight change in surrender functionality.
• Fix for “Your Turn” not appearing correctly.
• Changed game camera not to jump to the last human player unit at the beginning of the turn, but rather remain where the AI left it.
• Sped up turning of all turrets.
• Fixed Korean Archer primary attack not showing damage done.

Friday, 22nd November, 2013

• Fix for buy button triggering multiple times when visiting project page
• Fix for Faction Objective Button going missing in Episode goal
• Disabled the forced tutorial battle and pop-ups because of issues
• Fix for the way the AI deals with persistent weapons
• Fix for issues with the positioning of deployable consumables
• Added Q Z E camera control short cut keys

Changelog: Exalted Inferno
Friday, 15th November, 2013

New Units
Shogun Empire
• Akuma-Class
• Daimyo
• Shaolin Monk
• Korean Explosive Archers

New Consumables
Shogun Empire
• Napalm Bomb Strike
• Fear Gas Rocket

European Alliance
• Carpet Bombing

Soviet Union
• Airdropped Minefield

United Republic
• Precision Strike

African Warlords
• Airdropped WWI Naval Mine

• Aircraft Ambush

Shogun Empire
• Rising Sun skin set

New avatar items
• Shogun Empire
• Male Dragon Expedition Officer Clothing
• Female Dragon Expedition Officer Clothing

Feature Improvements
• Double move was introduced in the 3D game, accompanied by a new movement overlay. This should be a big improvement on the smoothness of the movement in the 3D game, and a decrease of the time the turns take.
• New army store; now you can do all of your shopping in one spot!

• New art for all the cliffs. They no longer look like you can stand on them. Some existing art may intersect with the new cliffs, we are in the process of fixing that.
• Balanced some map resources based on feedback.
• Fixed some reported issues like instant loss blitz maps, pink terrain (or some other pink assets), place where you could stand while you shouldn’t and vice versa.
• Some maps that were built in a large ‘canvas’ are now reduced to a normal, medium size.
• More maps are converted to higher resolution terrain.

Fixes and Updates
- Fix for unit cards not appearing on deploy
- Fix for unit cards not completely showing on click
• Smoother 3D to 2D transition
• Fix for double turn sounds
• Clearer view on zoom-out
• Attack dots have the correct size again
• Added AI surrendering
• Water update, fixed shader and fog issues.
• Removed the character images in the faction world news to fix layout issue
• Fixed Cossack Stealth
• Fixed the alliance materials glitch.
• Fixed some typos
• Fix for black alert state in worldmap.
• Fix for AI units getting stuck.
• Human move action which is blocked by enemy unit behind FoW will stop right in front of the blocker.
• Fixed being unable to buy skins for crowbar units.
• Fixed and re-uploaded environmental smoke fx.
• Only show reticles for AOE attack if they will be in range of the cursor.
• Fixed problem while hovering or selecting units using mouse.
• Fix for faction page breaking.
• Don’t center camera + play sound when a capture point is being taken over by enemy when in FoW.
• Fixed the sonic tank death looping.
• Fixes for improved move overlay/deploy overlay
• Some more pvp/coop fixes
• No more camera lock bug in 3d game.
• Fix for broken pvp/turn skip issues
• Rocket Troops could shoot at and kill PWs like Fire Pools and Gas Clouds – no longer
• Added flag for Dirigible Desert skin and Che Guevara skin for Killdozer
• Added desert skin flag
• Adjusted reflection maps for better reflection results.
• Changed loading message
• Touched up the explosions to pack more punch.
• Fixed some issues with Alliance Carpet Bombing PW spawning.
• Updated Rocket Troops Flashbang secondary so that it only shows one message instead of one per squad member
• Fixed Dutch Infantry revealing themselves in FOW when using their secondary move reset ability
• Add the default and mouse-over episode 4 action icons to NGUI;
• Fixed Ai not deploying units issue: had actually 2 causes – AI was producing positions outside the deploy zone so the engine blocked the deploy and the method that checks if a unit should be built only in the end game was returning true.
• Fixed error when going to gem store more than once
• Line of sight update. No more inner circle where the player sees everything.
• Fixed unit heading on deployment. Based orientation on unit position instead of mouse position.
• Added better descriptive text for Union and Warlord mine drop command cards.
• Switched Akuma-class to use PWs instead of barrage feature for now, changed explosion of Union Minefield.
• Added helicopter dust to the republic flyers.
• Wait for all players’ storages to be loaded before attempting to use them
• Added helicopter dust to the Junta flyers.
• Straightened out the heavy tank turret on deploy.
• Fix for AI thinking the CV is missing in a Blitz game (only happened in certain circumstances)
• Attach the audio manager to the same game object as the audio listener. Makes all sound effects play in the center, which is at least better than having them all play in the right channel.
• Added missing attack curves to trigger attacks correctly for immortals.
• Fixed Maxim MG Team being counted as a vehicle
• Adjusting consumable tooltips to talk about ‘Command Cards’ rather than consumables
• Adjusted timing on the mine strike and AA flyby.
• Gray out consumable cards during deploy phase (with explanatory tooltip)
• Use the faction flag for the default skin, and when there is not a skin flag asset found for a given skin name
• Update for PWs that spawn PWs that attach to entities
• Added Default skin flags
• Fixed spamtastic Alliance Half-track suppression messages, restored Wild Overlord Frenzy healing chance
• Some fixes for Siege
• Fixed Guerrilla stealth bonus being doubled
• Adjusted the mg42 full auto to have less impact on performance
• Make sure that units which can’t capture don’t head to a CP that’s already planned to be captured.
• If movement is disabled, also disable jumping
• Alternate muzzle positions when using multiple projectiles
• Fix for ‘show more’ bug when leaving army page in 3D game.
• Fog of war changes now fade smoothly instead of popping instantly + modified fog of war updates to synchronize a bit better with Entity updates
• Fixed the orientation glitch on unit deployment.
• Changed disturbance texture to a proper one. Replaced some Explosions to the new artillery and/or mortar impact.
• Immortal’s gun fix.
• Adjusted the compression settings to better match the pixel density. (this will also save memory in some cases)
• Increased fog of war update rate for moving entities to 4 times a second
• Changed early/mid/late game decision to be based on round number, instead of turn number
• Added miss chance on several vehicles
• Fix for AI not using the full movement range of units (path was getting cut short in different places)
• Handle connectivity issues to API. When showing message in Flash ErrorDisplayer, hide browser view (since it overlays the error).
• Testing an alternate way of opening website on mac
• Fixed Comrade abilities having backwards cool down requirements
• Renamed Nuke Bomb Truck consumables so it’s more obvious which ones are the consumable and which one is the unit…
• Fixing Flak 38 secondary range not matching the primary
• Corrected the Killdozer tooltips.
• Moved Biker Bombers to Light Vehicles deployment category.
• Don’t select PWs using space to cycle units
• Fixed the battle points not showing in the profile page
• Fix grey-out units when no units are in storage.
• Fixed AI being able to get ultra-discount Nuke Bomb Trucks for 1 Command on Master difficulty.
• Fixed gem store not opening on “not enough gems”, and cleaned up some unused code.
• Removed the scrolling bug on the Sturmtiger. Also re-uploaded the heavy tank (elite/veteran) in order to fix the same issue.
• Fixed the co-op invite
• Fixed Panhard Scan revealing itself in the FOW, fixed War Balloon spawning fire pools on everything it hits with fuel bomb
• Fixed bug in battle group
• Fix for the DiscreetAlertPopUp buttons being disabled
• Removed old versions of some consumables which was causing problems.
• Fix for case where a multi-target attack that killed the unit on the first attack would let you keep shooting
• Changed some stuff in the search bars, also fixed battle group leader not showing correctly in edit battle group page
• Only play death sounds for the first squad member to die if multiple members are killed in one attack
• Script for locking the mouse cursor within the bounds of the application window while it is in focus (Windows only atm)
• Healing effects are not affected by attack power modifiers now
• Fixed Union Artillery Barrage dropping double shells
• Fixed voting bug. vote button only enables when you have someone in text field.
• Minor Rhino Rider fix.
• Corrected a typo in private messages
• Fix for critters revealing FOW when they shouldn’t
• Changed large Warlord beasts from vehicle to human.
• Don’t show green text and healing icon with damage override text
• Adding some popup effect messages (Leaflet Drop and Rocket Troops Flashbang Rocket)
• Default the friendly browser name on the Steam page to “MarchOfWar”.
• Fixed reset cool down not always working for squads
• Fixed missing Elephant/Overlord attack sounds, Rhino Rider popup.
• Fixing multiple PWs on Angel and Marshal
• Updated People’s Truck tooltips, fixed ‘Misfire!’ message on Warlords beasts melee
• Reduced Locust Swarm footprint to 2×2
• Added squad support for continual FX.
• Fixing bug with guaranteed suppression from Death from Above
• Heavy Tank tank tracks fix
• Fix for invite not working with co-op.
• Fixing Sikh Troops having 50% chance to miss with each shot for no reason
• Fix for incorrect move overlay on jump moves with 0 MP left
• New animations to compensate for new jumping.
• New tunneling sound for drill tank
• Fixes for alert and cleanup
• Changed hud text from “turn” to “round”
• Updated flames and added heat haze effect (ultra only)
• Re-use Entity array when collecting units within capture point range for GUI purposes, instead of allocating a new 100-size array every frame.
• Self-destruct should always use primary attack
• You can now buy free deals.
• Fixed consumable messages not being displayed
• Fix for black territory bug in alert state
• Fix for AI units getting stuck (MoveAbility not ending turn properly)

Balance Changes to existing units

People’s Truck
Increased number of times the Union Minefield will go off to 4
Reduced primary range to 28 from 40.
Increased secondary range to 28 from 20.
Increased primary damage boost of People’s Truck to 75 from 25.
Reduced damage of Red Army Soldiers Molotov fire pool to 20 from 40.


Added one turn cooldown to Human Wave.
Removed one turn cooldown from Inspire healing ability.
Gained passive damage boost of 50.

HEAT Shell damage reduced to 60-90 from 50-100.
HEAT Shell area of effect reduced to 12 from 25 (armor melting effect still has radius 20)
Increase Union Paratroopers primary damage to 120-160 from 80-140.

Restored attack power of Bell, increased health, increased cost, reduced speed and sight range
Field Artillery scatter reduced to 8-14 from 10-20.
Fixed Angel strafing run damage, slightly increased speed of M3 Lee.
Reduced Strafing Run Command Card area of effect to 18 from 20.

Reduced Angel strafing run area of effect to 12 from 15.


Activated Korean Archers and Shaolin Monks, increased Empire infantry melee damage, reduced Rocket Truck accuracy
Increased Rocket Truck inaccuracy from 0-20 to 5-25.

Increased Manchurian Infantry melee damage to 60-100 from 40-80.

Increased Sikh Infantry melee damage to 60-120 from 40-100.

Reduced Flame Tank attacks damage to 50-100 from 75-125 (most of the damage is on the Fire Pools that the attack spawns).


Changed Amazon secondary Net attack to require line of sight.



Reduced range to 32 from 45
Increased HP to 250 from 200.
Fixed AA secondary range on Flak 38 to be 90, matching the primary attack.


Field Repair no longer affects beasts, it will affect Biker Bombers again.
Adjusting Mortar Technical miss distance
Warlords Weapon Stacks can now be manually detonated by their owner.

Reduced area of effect for the Republic Strafing Run command card and the Angel strafing run, made Wild Gorillas more aggressive
Wild Overlord

Reduced HP to 300 from 350.
Reduced regeneration to 30 from 50.
Reduced Wild Elephant regeneration to 20 from 40.

Reduced health of all Light Infantry (e.g. Volunteers) to 60 from 80, increasing damage by 10.
Lowering HP of crowbar units, increasing their attack slightly (intention is to make crowbar vs crowbar early battles less tedious)


Monday October 24th

- Fix for game not exiting properly on Mac

- Fix for AI bug in assault mode (not capturing/attacking properly)

Monday October 14th


- attack info in unit cards

- Jump troop fixes

- Drill tank added

- Saving turn message fade-out

- Hang when surrendering battle to free up a  slot

- Cabalero riders don’t do damage if they use hit and run ability

- victory screen offset to the left

- unit text too long for card

- Fixed issue where map showed up in pink

Balance changes 


Warlords large beasts (War Elephants + Overlord) are now counted as human rather than vehicle, meaning:

  • They gain immunity to effects like immobilize + weapon disabled.
  • But become vulnerable to effects like poison and bleeding. 

Rhino Rider

  • Increased HP to 150 from 125.
  • Increased speed to 4.5 from 4.
  • Increased Charge damage to 100-150 from 75-125.
  • Firebomb damage decreased to 60-100.
  • Firebomb range increased to 20 from 15.
  • Firebomb gained area of effect 8. 

Salvaged Mk IV secondary no longer damages itself.


Fixed Angel having 40-80 damage instead of intended 60-100.

Increased M3 Lee speed to 3.5 from 3.

Bell Helicopter

  • Cost increased to 4E from 3E.
  • FOW reduced to 50 from 60.
  • Speed reduced to 5.5 from 6.
  • Health increased to 125 from 100.


Reduced cost of Immortals to 3M 2E from 5M 2E.

Increased sight range of Light Tank to 60 from 45.


Missile Roc

  • Speed reduced to 4.5 from 6.
  • Cost increased to 5E 4C from 5E 3C.
  • Added two turn cooldown to missile barrage.

Saw Walker

  • Health increased to 350 from 300.
  • Speed increased to 4.5 from 4.
  • Thrown Saw range increased to 70 from 60.

Temporarily removed cooldown on Trench Mortar until we fix the bonus damage on direct hits.


Removed damage from Comrade Human Wave secondary, added a one turn cooldown.

Thursday, October 3rd

New units

All factions:

  • Nuclear Suicide Truck


  • Kenyan Rhino Rider
  • Mk IV Trebuchet Tank
  • Mk IV Salvaged Tank



  • Gotha African Warlord Plane Dynamite Strike

Hostile critters

  • Locust Swarm
  • Wild Overlord
  • Wild Elephant



  • Shaka II Rebel Skinset
  • Vote 4 War skinset for the Dirigible


Avatar items


  • Male Shaka II Rebel Officer Clothing
  • Female Shaka II Rebel Officer Clothing


  • 10 flags: 4 countries and one for each faction

Vote4war results:

  • Anubis Mask
  • Scimitar
  • City of Petra
  • Monkey with a Gun


  • Added new episode 3 maps featuring critters.
  • Fixed the size of the deploy zones in assault maps, they should be smaller and similar (or nearly similar) to the capture point radius.
  • Fixed a bunch of reported (and minor) issues.
  • Some maps have reduced map file size due to code optimizations, which in turn should result in a faster loading time.
  • Cliffs are handled differently and should improve (un)loading of cliffs better. In game the cliffs are now set to a fixed height value (they do not deform anymore). This may result in some surrounding terrain around cliffs to look bad (known issue).
  • Several issues were fixed in the tutorial map, as well as optimizations.
  • Some maps feature a higher resolution terrain as well as new terrain painting (mostly episode 3 maps).
  • Rebalanced some assault and blitz maps (better capture point placements, repositioning deploy zones, etc).
  • Most maps will now feature randomized starting points. Some maps vary in the amount of possible starting positions from 3 to 4. Other maps will simply randomize between 2 starting points.
  • Some maps were updated to fit the latest conventions, more will follow. Most of these conventions should improve the readability of a map as well as keeping some game modes consistent.


  • Activated Siege scripted build manager.
  • General target selection improvements.
  • AI difficulty scaling improvement
  • AI will receive slightly less units on all difficulties.
  • Improved AI strategy to help with units being inactive/stuck.
  • Misc bugs (aura attack, critter issues).
  • Capping resources based on looking at the human.
  • AI CV tactics improvement
  • Trigger improvements
  • Pathfinder improvements/features
  • Pathfinder option to ignore units in FoW
  • Framework change in the pathfinder

Balance changes



  • Reduced HP to 100 from 120.
  • Reduced damage to 80-120 from 120-160
  • Increase Sight Range to 40 from 30.
  • Reduced Sprint cooldown to 1 turn from 2 turns.

M3 Lee

  • Reduced HP to 300 from 325
  • Increased cost to 5E from 4E
  • Fixed speed to 3, it was 5 (making it unintentionally faster than the Battle Tank).

Hover Platform

  • Reduced landed damage to 100-150 from 125-175.
  • Reduced flying attack range to 50 from 60.
  • Reduced landed attack range to 65 from 80.


  • Damage reduced to 60-100 from 75-125.
  • Added suppression chance to attack across 16 AoE.


  • Reduced primary attack damage to 30-50 from 40-60.
  • Increased cost to 2M 3C from 2M 2C.

Field Artillery

  • Accuracy reduced.
  • Primary gained infantry suppression chance across 16 AoE.
  • Secondary damage variance adjusted to 90-110 from 75-125.
  • Secondary gained infantry suppression chance across 24 AoE.


  • Accuracy reduced.
  • Area of effect for both attacks reduced to 16 from 20.
  • Both attacks gained infantry suppression chance across 24 AoE.

Strafing Run

  • Reduced damage variance to 80-120 from 75-125. 
  • Added suppression chance to attack across 24 AoE.


Increased range of Red Army Soldiers to 35 from 30.

Naval Infantry

  • Reduced damage of primary attack to 75-125 from 80-140.
  • Removed cooldown from secondary melee attack.

Maxim MG

  • Primary damage reduced to 50-90 from 60-100.
  • Secondary damage increased to 50-90 from 40-80.


  • Changed cost to 3M 4C from 4M 3C.
  • Reduced damage to 60-100 from 80-120.
  • Gained Sniper Suppression + Pinning chance

AT Sniper

  • Reduced cost from 4M 3C to 3M 1C.


  • Health increased to 400 from 350.

Cannon Walker

  • Cost decreased from 5E 4C to 4E 3C.


Jungle Warrior primary attack damage reduced to 150-200 from 175-225.

Reaper damage increased to 550-650 from 400-500.


  • Reduced primary damage to 50-100 from 75-125.
  • Primary gained Sniper Suppression + Pinning chance

Roc + Missile Roc

  • Reduced primary damage to 50-100 from 80-120.
  • Primary gained Sniper Suppression + Pinning chance

Junta Insect Hive

  • Reduced damage to 150-200 from 250.

All Poison Clouds now deal 30 Toxic damage per turn in addition to causing -20 HP loss each turn to infantry.

Increased cost of Junta Gas Bomb to 5C from 4C.


Increased Storm Troopers undeployed range to 45 from 35.

British Infantry

  • Primary damage set to 80-120
  • Secondary damage set to 40-70
  • Health increased to 130 from 120.

Churchill Crocodile

  • Primary damage increased to 100-150 from 75-125.
  • Secondary cooldown reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Secondary area of effect increased to 12 from 10.
  • Decreased cost to 6E 2C from 6E 4C.


  • Fixed cost to be 6E 2C as was intended.

Sonic Tank

  • Health reduced to 350 from 400.
  • Primary damage reduced to 100-200 from 200-300.
  • Secondary damage reduced to 200-300 from 300-400.
  • Range reduced to 80 from 120.
  • Stun effects fixed so primary attack will cause -50% move and attack, secondary will cause -100% move and attack.

Dutch Infantry

  • Sight range increased to 50 from 30.
  • Sight boost removed from secondary ability.


  • Increased health to 225 from 200.
  • Increased Recon ability reveal range to 90 from 75.

Alliance Bunker Drop fixed so you cannot drop into enemy owned points.

Increased Half-Track health to 225 from 200.


Reduced range of Immortal Fear Aura to 24 from 30.


Reduced Spider Swarm health to 75 from 100.


  • Unit card info is now visible in the army tab!
  • A brand new and more intuitive interface for the 3D game
  • Added Hallugen Smoke as a continual fx
  • Changes to the background of the gem store
  • Random Attack Effects
  • Persistent Effect Gameplay
  • More control over miss scatter
  • Added continual fire FX. Small is for infantry, Medium is for vehicles.
  • Added more map props
  • It’s now possible to buy all research at once


  • Fixed a bug that could use units to move randomly when performing other actions like deploying
  • Lots of memory use improvements
  • Re-added a missing button on the error screen telling “not enough battle slots buy new”.
  • Jump troop fixes
  • Fixed a bug when the gem-store is trying to be opened without it being there.
  • Complete texture/foliage pass.
  • Fixed the search button in Ladder.
  • Fixes for alerts and comments.
  • Hopefully fixing length of For the Motherland bonus
  • Fixed missing War dance tooltip, made Locust Swarm start roaming
  • Fixed Overlord and Elephant animation issues
  • Fixed gem-store not opening on first time
  • Community message popups fixes
  • Adjusted light rigs to get rid of some bugs.
  • Changed the small nuke to actually work in game now.
  • Fixed the scrolling backwards and scrollbar in the dropdown menu for difficulty selection.
  • Don’t assert on attacks that have no effect except restoring MP for the shooter (for example, Dutch infantry)
  • Pulled apart map loading so progress is a little bit more visible.
  • Adding new sounds, fixing some tooltips and Warlord Hit and Run chance. Reduced activation radius of Neutral Gorillas, Elephants and Overlords to 10.
  • Fixed a case where gem-store would pop-up when using “back to worldmap” button in settings.
  • Minor tweaks to unit positions.
  • Fixes for the deploy behavior
  • Change the sorting off the cards in the 3D UI
  • Fixed exit to desktop not working from character select screen.
  • Some little changes to alerts for improvement.
  • Updates and revisioning tutorial for future purposes.
  • Changed the error message when you mail yourself
  • Battle group added/rejected request reloading group list.
  • Fix for the store not showing in 3D
  • Battle Group websync issues fixed. Discreet alert popup close button only shows when there’s no other button.
  • Removed Singleton usages in their own class where the function is NOT static
  • Fix for global cool down interfering with regular cool down
  • Battle Group – Websync and bug fixes
  • Fixed typo in the union faction select
  • Added links to the alert stack.
  • Battle group – Fixes for websync on accepting, demoting, promoting and kicking. searching for players should now have an delay before showing results.
  • Fix for global cool down lasting one turn too long
  • Territory vote feedback fix
  • Fixed Battle Comments not loading correct news story
  • Fixed possible bug that causes ramp/cliff to get the wrong height
  • Don’t show any damage popups for units in FOW
  • Added locked states to skins whenever you don’t have enough units.
  • Tweaks to make moving big units small distances work better
  • Starting manpower = 4 for assault
  • Updated dynamite crate and killer bee bug
  • Fixed up the killer bees and napalm strike timing
  • Added toxic damage to Poison Gas Clouds, increased cost of Junta Gas Bomb to 5C from 4C.
  • Adjusted tooltips for when a Hover Platform can’t land or take off because there is no space.
  • Fixed Comrade hurting instead of healing allies, set up Hulk to use Hvy Organic armor but with a big boost against toxic damage that should mean he gets healed by it.
  • Fixed bug that caused 2nd purchase request to fail with pending error.
  • Don’t reveal FOW for attackers unless it involves your units, hopefully gets rid of the fog of war revealing when critters and AI are fighting each other
  • Fix for factionpage bugging out
  • Added sound to the hulk melee attack
  • Tweaked titan ant
  • Fixed positioning in alert stack, fixed discreet popup closing button not appearing, also fixed a closing bug in discreet.
  • Button fix for alert stack
  • Different method of unloading the manager asset bundle once we’re done with it. Fixes game hanging when going from battle back to world map.

Reduced speeds of Gorilla Mole, Saw Walker, War Elephant and Overlord. You should be able to see their animations a bit more clearly now.

Tuesday, September 10

  • Fix for not being able to see the battle stats in territories of other factions
  • PvP sync issue fix
  • Fix for the disappearing HUD

Thursday, September 5th

New Units

Latin Junta:

  • Mexican Infantry  
  • Argentinian Trench Mortar  
  • Junta Saw Walker 
  • Junta Missile Roc  
  • Junta Airboat
  • Junta Hulk


United Republic:

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Hover Platform
  • Marshal
  • Quartermaster


  • Dutch infantry Unit


Latin Junta:

  • Hulk Serum

United Republic:

  • Fuel Bomb


  • Jungle Critter – Gorilla Mole
  • Jungle Critter - Cocoon Worm
  • Jungle Critter - Flesh eating plant
  • Jungle Critter - Giant Spider
  • Jungle Critter - Whip spider
  • Jungle Critter - Killerbee
  • Jungle Critter - Spider swarm
  • Jungle Critter - Titan Ant

New Skins

Latin Junta:

  • Che Guevara Militia
  • Skin for the Saw Walker: chosen by the players via Vote4War.

United Republic:

  • MacArthur Expedition Force

Avatar Items

Latin Junta:

  • Junta Male Che Guevara Avatar Skinset
  • Junta Female Che Guevara Avatar Skinset

United Republic:

  • Junta Male MacArthur Avatar Skinset
  • Junta Female MacArthur Avatar Skinset

Avatar Props

  • Republic: flamer avatar item: chosen by the players via Vote4War
  • Parrot
  • Cockatoo
  • Snake Around Neck
  • Rhinoceros Bird



  • Tropical Thunder Community Medal    
  • Panama Conquistador (conquer Central America)
  • Amazonian Conqueror (conquer Amazonia)

Latin Junta

  • Latin Unification

United Republic

  • Jungle Justice

Balance Changes


Reduced Vulture Tank secondary damage to 200-250 from 250-300. Reduced AoE of secondary to 16 from 22.


Sikh Troops

  • Increased HP to 150 from 140.
  • Increased Rifle Volley damage to 100-140 from 80-120.
  • Reduced cooldown on Kukri Strike to 1 turn from 2 turns.

Flame Tank

  • Sea of Fire now does the same damage as the regular attack instead of no damage.
  • Speed increased to 6 from 5.

War Balloon

  • Increased HP to 200 from 150.
  • Decreased cost to 3E 3C from 4E 3C.

Increased range of Immortal Fear Aura to 30 from 16.


Reduced cooldown of Caballeros Hit and Run ability to 2 turns from 3.

Increased Killdozer speed to 4 from 3.

Increased Dozer Tank speed to 4.5 from 4.


Changed Warlords Demo Truck Demo Trap damage to 125-175 from 150.


Reduced British Infantry Fire Discipline secondary damage to 50-100 from 80-140.


Increased Angel cost to 2M 3C from 2M 2C.

Increased Flying Fortress cannon attack power to 150-200 from 125-175.

Other Updates

  • 8 new maps added
  • Added Water elements to maps
  • Several AI updates
  • Memory leak fixes
  • Stopped Guerrillas being able to target air units when deployed
  • Fixed some particle leaks
  • Added flags to the skin portraits & updated portraits to display actual units
  • Fixing missing explosion effect on Warlord Weapon Stack
  • Changed the order of the resources in the pvp matchmaking screen
  • New images in tech-tree
  • Added new loadingbar for episode 2
  • Added new art for sale tag
  • Fixed where ticket window would show on the screenshot for reports
  • Avatar fixes – they no longer get naked when you add a prop!
  • Update to tutorial  map and minor update to tutorial dialogue
  • Updated PWs to do damage once per round instead of once per turn
  • In-game shader fixes
  • Disabled Breakthrough
  • For consumables that target deploy zones, require them to use a capture point or deploy area and not one from units like the cartel assault bus
  • Some text fixes
  • Some updates that should help with the 50% loading issue upon login
  • Implemented chat history, and keeping chat content when switching between 2D and 3D game
  • Changed error display for banned players
  • Improved support screen + double log attachments
  • Better alignment of the timer for the episode goal button
  • Attach previous unity log to bug reports if it’s available
  • Added episode banners on worldmap
  • Fixed data on the battlegroup page being incorrect
  • Fix for battle group invitations
  • Fix for an issue where splash-page would load images async, causing loading errors
  • When changing from flying to ground unit (or vice versa), check that the position isn’t already taken. This should prevent flying units from landing on top of other units, inside buildings, etc
  • Use different image for entity skins on skins sale page
  • Don’t allow game running twice – another cause of the 50% loading bug
  • If a cp is clicked while an action button is active, don’t select it; use the point for a possible area attack
  • Update clouds on world map not to block territories
  • Fixed Sturmtiger giving surrounding allied infantry -50% armor
  • Fixed change character hanging on the loading screen
  • Range circles now properly deform with the terrain
  • Improvement / fix for issue with the chat where typing would move the camera (case 11659). UI audio issue where volume would be set 1/10 lower then intended
  • Disable keyboard camera movement when game input is turned off
  • Added close button for discreet alert popups when no other buttons are presented. Fixed battlegroup invite button remaining disabled if no valid name was entered.
  • Replaced paratrooper grenade with one that has sounds
  • Fixed Mexican trooper infinite drinking loop
  • Fixed Sonic Tank cooldown and sometimes damaging itself
  • Stopping Insurgents and Shadow Insurgence being targetable on capture points
  • Make objective text area smaller so it doesn’t block clicks
  • Fixing many icon issues, adjusting deploy abilities of Grenadiers, French Grenadiers, and Guerrillas so that you see a boost icon when they use them
  • Resolved an issue where skins could not be purchased and equipped
  • Adjusted tutorial game mode triggers:  No longer uses deprecated nodes, fixed a wrong entry in one of the nodes, removed other single case trigger sequences, added another variant for use with trigger importing (for later use)
  • Small history fix; now it will work correctly for Profile too (when loading profile from profile etc)
  • Multiple LoS issue fixes
  • Catch Steam Login Errors and show them
  • Fixed Union Comrade portrait, removed old one.
  • Fixed left_prop avatar items not showing up. Also removed unnecessary trace statements.
  • Close popup window when going to the store
  • Fixed the power cooldown timers (also made it so that it says 1 day instead of 1 days etc)


Friday , August 23

-  Error handling fix for being stuck at 50% in the initial loading screen

-  Fix for bug where player is not able to deploy

-  Some map updates

Monday , August 18

- Slight adjustments to PVE rewards

(Assault battles offer slightly higher rewards to correspond to the length of an Assault battle)

Wednesday, August 15

- Fixes for battlegroup page

- AI improvements

- To start optimizing the battlegroup pages.

- Fix inability to paste in uWebKit forms due to problem created by foreign keyboard handling.

- Disable camera movement when chat is active

- Stability improvements – reduce the amount of crashes

- Display forbidden error message when trying to send support ticket while blocked.

- Changed size of player name box and bid price textfield.

- Fixed issue where skin-scrollpane would scale after each visit, causing some skins not being buyable.

- Remove unnecessary logging of uWebKit keystrokes.

Thursday, August 1st




  • Every map is now locally loaded instead of downloaded.
  • Bake files for the maps.
  • All tech building related fixes

Map updates:

  • Every map should now have proper outer bounds, so no longer CV’s running off into the distance.
  • Blitz maps 1v1 should now contain 1 double manpower capture point and 1 command point, this is currently the intended design for this mode and all maps should follow this etiquette.
  • All maps should now have tutorial dialog giving you information regarding game mode.
  • Created new maps with tech buildings.  All modes, except Breakthrough, do have tech building maps.
  • Fixed some maps where units had trouble navigating through the terrain (pathways being one tile too small for example). Super units will now have a better time moving around.
  • Cleaned up some map art assets, where they would be misplaced outside blocks indicating it would block units but in fact wouldn’t and also fixed the opposite where art assets were placed but no blocking volume.
  • Fixed some maps not having proper entities (missing deploy zone or capture point) or incorrect properties of an entity (no team assignment, wrong team number).
  • Most, if not ALL maps now have flattend terrain so units will no longer be weirdly aligned to terrain. Some unreachable (out of bounds) terrain is still painted for visual flair.
  • Added neutral lighting and fixed the development lighting.


Front End

  • New tutorial map.
  • Added character to event group bid response
  • Fixed pvp rewards
  • Changed Store buy response
  • Return character when buying a skin
  • Return character, after buying a boost
  • Changed error messages for banned players
  • Added a disabled state for the research button to allow disable in the tech-tree when gem button is used. Both research and gem buttons are disabled in the tech-tree if one both is used to unlock tech.
  • Added a safety check to make sure the negative time counter doesn’t happen anymore.
  • Resolved an issue with PM messages displaying messages from other box (trash in inbox etc) when switching really quickly between them.
  • Added Lock Icon to locked cards Process battleslot buying response
  • Added resources to the eventgroup bid response
  • Fixed deals not showing if you come back after closing from details page
  • Updated date styling
  • Fixed Boosts counter not counting down
  • Fixed left_prop avatar items not showing up.
  • Fixed gem button
  • Close popup window when going to the store
  • Changed Deal buying response
  • Fixed the power cooldown timers (also made it so that it says 1 day instead of 1 days etc)
  • Fixed profile fonts (statistics)
  • Added bottombar update to resources when character is set.
  • Temporary fix for not opening the correct story from the comments in the territory battle overlay.
  • Fixed hanging on 25% as a new user & character.
  • Changed texts in the default error popup.
  • Avatar should now update after you won a battle and recieved some XP.
  • Type fix for mission events
  • Message when you buy something in the tech tree and don’t have enough gems

3D Game

  • Lots of misc. fixes
  • New Episode 1 Units & Tech Buildings
  • Votepage pagination
  • Surrendering a PvP battle from frontend notifies the opponent in-game
  • NGUI HUD implementation
  • Support for persistent effects
  • PVP turn timer fix
  • Fix for the camera being positioned wrong causing you to get a black map during


  • AI Consumable usage: Targeting & consumable selection; using consumable statistics; splitting consumables in classes
  • Fixed the PseudoRandom() call to return positive results (unit)
  • Implemented the CPTask / BuildManager resource pool separation
  • Now building a Boss Unit !
  • Fix for the Temporary Move Position which checks safety so the AI doesn’t walk into your enemies range and get shot that much.
  • Fix for a Guard Task, which makes sure that AI units that don’t really have anything to do, just go and guard a close Capture Point



  • New avatar items
  • New medals
  • European Alliance:
    • Cossack Cavalry Unit
    • German Sturmtiger Unit
    • French Panhard Tank
    • German 20mm Flak 38
    • Sonic Tank
  • Soviet Union:
    • Artillery Walker
    • Soviet Paratrooper Squad
    • Soviet Machinegunner
    • Soviet BA-10 Light AT-Vehicle
    • Soviet Partisans
  • Weapon Tech buildings:
    •  800mm Railway Gun
    • Heavy Bunker
    •  Retractable Turret
    • Fixed Gun
  • Misc tech buildings:
    •  Radar Tower
    •  Generator Switch
    • Staging Post
  • European Skin-sets
    • Cossack Army skin-set
    • Red Wall Defensive Division
    • Dutch skin for the Siege
  • Soviet Skin-sets
    • Airborne Offensive skin-set
    • Belorussian Army     
    • Grain and Glory skin for Bear Tank
    • Hammer and Sickle skin for Railway Cannon
  • European Consumables
    • V2 Rocket Strike
  • Soviet Consumables
    • Soviet Paratroopers

Balance changes

  • Changed Engineer cost from 3M 1C to 2M 2C.
  • Fixed Junta Reaper – secondary was giving percentage boosts rather than absolute boosts.
  • Reaper secondary Engine Overcharge gives +2 MP instead of +1, and loses 50HP per turn instead of 25. It also resets the full move of the Reaper.
  • Warlord War Elephant secondary Stomp damage increased to 150-200 from 125-175.
  • Removed Global Cooldown from Light Tank secondary Canister Shot.
  • Reduced armor bonus given to nearby infantry by Heavy Tanks and Churchill Tanks to 25% from 50%.
  • Increased Churchill Tank damage to 125-175 from 75-125.
  • Stopped the following abilities revealing FOW around the firing unit:
    • Battle Tank Smokescreen
    • M3 Lee Direct Fire
    • Angel Spy Plane
    • Jeep Range Boost
    • Dragon Monk Smokescreen
    • Changed Impaling Shot and Armor Piercing Shot on Junta Hunter and AT Gun. You can no longer target ground with these abilities, only other units.
    • Reduced Vulture Tank secondary damage to 200-250 from 250-300. Reduced AoE of secondary to 16 from 22.
    • Sikh Troops
      • Increased HP to 150 from 140.
      • Increased Rifle Volley damage to 100-140 from 80-120.
      • Reduced cooldown on Kukri Strike to 1 turn from 2 turns.
  • Flame Tank
    • Sea of Fire now does the same damage as the regular attack instead of no damage.
    • Speed increased to 6 from 5.
    • War Balloon
      • Increased HP to 200 from 150.
      • Decreased cost to 3E 3C from 4E 3C.
      • Increased range of Immortal Fear Aura to 30 from 16.

Monday, July 22nd

Increased Churchill Tank damage to 125-175 from 75-125

Tuesday, July 23rd

Stopped the following abilities revealing FOW around the firing unit:

- Battle Tank Smokescreen

- M3 Lee Direct Fire

- Angel Spy Plane

- Jeep Range Boost

- Dragon Monk Smokescreen

Wednesday, July 24th

Changed Impaling Shot and Armor Piercing Shot on Junta Hunter and AT Gun. You can no longer target ground with these abilities, only other units.

Friday, July 19th 

- added PVP turn timer which allows 15 minutes for deploy and 5 minutes per turn. After 3 consecutive skipped turns a player is auto surrendered

- Fixed special keys on German keyboards

Monday, July 15th:

- E-mail Activation issues resolved

- Reduced Half-track HP to 200 from 250, reduced max range to 60 from 80.

Wednesday, July 10th:

- performance fixes

- latest rebalancing of territory battles

- Fixed avatar item purchases not showing up anymore

- Updates message pop-up

- Added votepage pagination, Added link and urls to alert popup

- Fixed Melee Attack Places to check if points are inside the playable area. This should be a fix for a couple of AI hangs

- Added disabled state to the research button, disabled the button after purchasing something in the techtree

- Fixed an issue where purchased units didn’t show up in the 3D game

- Fixed an issue where units suddenly refused to attack any targets

Friday, July 5th:

In-game lag issues fixed (Steam only) – we expect the ISOTX players to be lag free by tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 2nd:

Option for the camera to follow attack target, for rocket trucks

Fix for AI unit counts being computed wrong. Easy AI should now be EASY

Retry web service requests if there is an error decrypting the response – This should fix the bulk of the turn hangs in the 3D game

Added Error messages, when users are blocked to:

o Report Comments

o Post Comments

o Send Private Messages

Updated the battlegroup members list

Show message to user when unable to connect to Steamworks instead of just hanging on the loading screen forever.

Fixed the button not resetting in the deals details page

Fixed an issue causing crashes

Saturday, June 29th:

Backend updates to fix lag and dropped messages in chat

Friday, June 28th:

Fix for adding AI log to support tickets

Enabling music by default

Fix for double messages in chat

Fix for showing 0 damage attacks in grey instead of green


8 Comments to the "Changelog March of War"

  1. Lawrencekk July 3, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    I seem to have a problem try to play the first battle. It keep saying there a error.

  2. SystemID July 7, 2013 at 01:30 am

    Here’s hoping on the next changelog we’ll see the ability to delete characters added. I love the game, but I’d like to be able to try out the different sides without having to buy a permanent slot each time.

  3. Logan Macdonald July 13, 2013 at 07:33 pm

    I’m really hoping that you can put the launch crashing on OS X as a major priority . I love the game , just got into it (2 hours played) , and then it stopped launching properly and that disappointed me . Glad you are working it though ! And overall a good game :)

  4. John Ross August 25, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Please add in a delete character function :/

  5. Kairwe September 17, 2013 at 03:14 pm

    I really hope that you can put the launch crash as a major priority.
    It is a good game and give me lots of fun! However, unable to launch properly that upset me a lot. I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible.

  6. Natascha October 5, 2013 at 09:30 am

    I dont get it, will be the Nuclear Suicide Truck available at daily deal ?

  7. ZBlack February 7, 2014 at 09:53 pm

    Hows about fixing the GI’s grenade ability and fixing their movement, they will run one space and then shoot at nothing. Oh and fixing the bug that force ends my turn before I’ve done anything, its really starting to get old.

  8. Arab42 February 22, 2014 at 04:51 pm

    The 50% loading error is still there!!!!
    Please help me or fix it thank you.

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