Barons of Kathos: Professor Murray

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Artillery Walkers are the bane of the existence of many marauders. The brain behind this nifty piece of technology is Professor Murray, the Baron of Vistorg. In his old age he mostly spends his time as a family man, financially supporting his sons in their attempts to thwart the pirates of Kathos. However, in his youth he had quite a dangerous life.

As a child Murray already showed the potential to become a great engineer. One time when he got a toy car for his birthday, he remodelled it into an air ship within a day. From an early age he has always been interested in vehicles and how to improve them. Off course, during his childhood years this was just play for him. As he grew up his projects became larger. He would roam the scrap metal graveyards of the war and collect useful parts to build into something new. This got him the attention of the engineering department of the Rahmos army.

Recognizing his skill, they contacted him in secret. The intelligence agency of the Rahmos army gathered that the Confederation was working on state of the art technology for Walkers: huge robotic vehicles used to navigate the mountainous lands of Fahrong. They sent Murray on an undercover mission to a prominent Confederate University in Nallum.

Murray pretended to be a student at the University. This wasn’t very hard for him. He had a natural aptitude for engineering and loved to study. He graduated top of his class and went on to get his PhD and later his doctorate degree in engineering of war vehicles. After he became a professor, he returned to Kathos.

During his time at the University he had learned all the secrets of the Confederate Walkers, the greatest being their weak armour. Murray envisioned a machine that would be mobile, like the Walkers, yet sturdy and with plenty of firepower. In short, he wanted to create the ideal war machine. Many marauders have an intense hatred for these machines. What do you think? Are Artillery Walkers the ideal war machines?


1 Comments to the "Barons of Kathos: Professor Murray"

  1. Luris November 22, 2012 at 04:31 pm

    They’re ideal, if you don’t have FoW ;)

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