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The politics in March of War determine the fate of the world, and have caused much drama over the past months. Factions rise and fall, allegiances are made and broken, political leaders shine and fall from their pedestal. Despite the lack of political tools, you have managed to make March of War come to live!

We want to make the political meta-game even more interesting and above all accessible. Over the past months we have noticed there are a couple of key problems that really clog up the system.

The most notable of these is the lack of communication channels available to the Faction Leader. As his role is to determine the course of the faction, together with the High Command, he needs to be able to let people know what to do, and to convince people to fall in line. For this reason we are adding an asynchronous communication channel for the Faction Leader. This means that he can post a message for the faction without having to be online, or trust his fellow HC to convey the message as he wishes.

At a later stage we also want to add a feature that will allow to Faction Leader to mark some territories as so called preferred territories for the HC to vote on, and for all the players in the faction to play in. We’re not sure how this is going to work precisely, but we are researching the possibilities. This should make managing the ‘rogue’ votes, and ‘rogue’ players a lot easier.

The second issue that we have been seeing are the elections. Players create new accounts to vote for themselves, people can’t find their way to elections – it’s all a bit messy. Our solution is two-fold. First of all we will make elections available at (probably) level 10. This will eliminate the exploit of creating new characters, and draw attention to the elections for new players after they have experienced the core of the game: the battles. Second we will make the elections shorter. Every two weeks a new Faction Leader is selected, that doesn’t change, but you can only vote in the four days leading up to the election. This will make campaigning more effective, and will notify you on an impending leadership change.

We also recognize that not everybody wants to participate in the meta-game. Therefore we are also adding an opt-out option. You will not be selected for the HC anymore, and players won’t be able to vote for you. This will ensure that only dedicated players play this part of March of War, which should make it more interesting overall.

Please let us know what you think of these changes!

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