Talking Tactics: taming the hoards of the Warlords

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When the hoards of the African Warlords gather at the horizon most commanders would like to run and hide. Their War Elephants, Rhino Riders and Overlords form a fearsome beast army, with rickety, but deadly vehicles in the vanguard. As they storm down the savannah, there are a few things you need to know.

Dealing with these beasts is absolutely the first thing you need to prepare for. The large beasts, War Elephants and Overlords, have a unique Beast armor type. This means they are more resistant to Anti-Personnel and Rending than Light and Heavy Organics, but less than Heavy Armor. On the other hand the large beasts are more resistant to Anti-Armor damage than armored units. The only sure way to deal with them quickly is to unleash all your Fire and Hunting damage on them, as this is their weak spot. And if you can’t deal considerable damage in one round, focus on other units. These large beasts regenerate each turn, which makes it useless to do a little damage.

Anticipating what’s coming for you is also important. If you see a lot of light vehicles it’s unlikely that you’ll also see a lot of large beasts. The Warlords have a wide selection of fairly cheap vehicles, ranging in cost between 2-4E. However, the War Elephant and the Overlord cost both Manpower and Engineering. Keeping the Warlords low on Engineering CP is a sure way to limit their options.

You are well equipped to take on the Warlords. You have a wide selection of units that do poison damage, which is very effective against the beasts. So your Mortar Teams, Gas Bombs and, if you’re lucky and you have one, the Chemical Bus will be essential. Of course your Hunter deals a fair amount of Hunting damage, and the Rending damage caused by the Air Boats, Hulks and Assault Busses will deal with both Beasts and Light Vehicles. However, you need to be careful with the Warlord Technicals as they are as fast as your quicker infantry and will seriously injure them, as your infantry generally have low health.

Granted, you don’t have any Hunting or Fire damage unless you count the Marshal and the Flame Tank, which are both not part of the standard Republic army. You do, however, have good options to deal a lot of Rending damage at long range with both the Angel and the Hover Platform. Combine this with some smart recon and you should have no difficulty taking out their Light Vehicles and wear down the Beasts before they reach you. Finish off the Beasts with the Concussive damage of your Field Artilleries, Howitzers and G.I. grenades. Finally, use Strafing Runs to deal with any clusters of units.

If you’re lucky and you fight on a map that gives good cover, your Snipers can easily take out Large Beasts from a distance. You should also deploy your Flak Tank as it’s a good all-rounder and deals Rending damage. Be careful though, the Flak Tank hasn’t got much health so make sure to scout for Biker Bombers before you move it anywhere. It’s also a good idea to use the Maxim MG which deals Rending damage and has the ability to deal infantry supressing AoE damage with a 3 turn cooldown. Finally, don’t forget to toss some molotovs with your Red Army Soldiers to do fire damage to the beasts.

The damage output of your heavy units should sufficiently compensate for your lack of specialist damage, like Fire and Hunting, when engaging the Warlords. Your Grenadiers will do a lot of damage if you can get them close enough, and Heavy Tanks and Panhards will also do a decent amount. Your superior armor will protect you from most Warlords’ attacks as they pretty much only have Biker Bombers to take out tanks with tons of health. Your Engineers should have plenty of time to repair your units to fight another day.

It’s time to unleash all you fire power and make some Overlord and Elephant steak! Your Flame Tanks will be very effective against anything the Warlords can throw at you. However, they can easily be destroyed by the faster Biker Bombers and the longer ranged War Elephants – you need to really watch out for those. Immortals will also help you a great deal in this fight with their Rending autocannon, effective against Beasts and Light Vehicles. The Melee attacks will also deal a lot of damage, but you need to get close first.

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