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Hi everyone! Merc-DamionFury here. It has been two years since March of War went into Early Access, and one year since it officially launched. We’ve come a long way since then, and the changes are ongoing. Today, we’re taking a frank look at the current state of the game, as well as discussing the future of the game.

Current State

It’s no secret that the long period of quiet that accompanied the development of StormSiege hurt us. Player activity declined because we weren’t releasing new content, nor were we patching bugs. We expected that to happen and we determined that it was necessary. March of War needed some serious work under the hood. Many maps needed reworking and there were the ever-annoying crashes. To fix these, we needed to do some pretty serious changes to the code. Moreover, we wanted to release new content that was more than simply a new unit or skin. Something that would really demonstrate how great this game can be. It took us a while but we think the results are worth it. The game is much more stable and StormSiege offers a glimpse of our new capabilities in maps.

One of the most recent changes, and one which was remarked upon by many people, was a change to the prices of units. The Gem prices of all units and command cards were reduced by 10%, and the gold price was then standardized at 20x the Gem cost. This price change does not alter the cost of existing deals, except for the rare case were it has reduced the gem price below what the deal was set to. It does, however, make the recently revamped Starter Pack an even greater value, and we encourage you to check it out.

When you look at the new numbers, there’s something you should keep in mind. It is pretty easy to farm gold in March of War. You can earn several thousand gold per hour, at the higher levels. In the past, it was possible to, in less than a month, build an army so complete and formidable that you simply had no need of gold or research. This has had a fairly negative effect on the game. Why continue playing if you have everything you want? The obvious answer is gameplay, and we’re certainly working to improve that (see below), but doesn’t it seem wrong that a character can cap out that quickly?

I know this change is sudden. There was some warning provided in chat, but it was sparse in detail and only informed those who happened to be watching at the time. To help ease the transition, beginning Thursday, 25 June 2015 and running until the end of the weekend (00:00:00 UTC time, Monday, 29 June 2015), the login bonus will be changed to a day-long gold boost.

There’s something else you should know. You’ve long asked for it, and we were finally able to give it to you. It’s now possible to earn gems repeatedly, in game. When you win a battle, there is a 1% chance that your reward will be 10-50 gems. It’s not much, but it can add up.

The Future

In the next week, or so, we expect to release the second StormSiege mission. It is similar to a Siege mission, but with a few key differences that really change the way it feels. If you’re dying for a preview, you should check out our recently created StormSiege Mission Guide. It’s got plenty of tips and information, and if you read it carefully, you’ll learn quite a bit about what to expect in Mission 2 – Data Transfer.

As for the future, we are working on several big things.

  • New Player Experience – We’re about half-way through the process of creating a tutorial for the 3D game. This tutorial will launch immediately after character creation, but is skippable (we know the veterans won’t need it). In addition, each faction will have a video that showcases its units and gameplay. This video will be shown on the faction’s selection page, during character creation, so that players have  a better sense of what that faction is all about. Finally, after the UI and Worldmap overhauls (see below), a proper world map tutorial will be implemented to help explain everything you see.
  • PvP Improvements – It is a well known fact of military strategy that initiative can make or break a battle. Turn-Based Strategy games have to carefully balance the advantage given to the player that goes first, precisely because of this. We know that March of War has a history of difficulty in this regard. For some time, now, we have been telling you that we’re working on new maps. After the New Player Experience has been implemented, we will begin working on even more improvements. We’ll save the full details for another post, but we’ve dropped a preview of the new map at the bottom of the page.
  • World Map Overhaul – Later in the year, you can expect some major changes to the politics of the game, and to the way the world map works. Many things are still being settled on, but our goal is to make the world map just as important to the game as the actual battles themselves. Keep an eye on this blog. We’ll be releasing more information soon.
  • User Interface Overhaul – That’s right, we’re going to do some major improvements to the user interface. Yes, we’ll be changing the look; giving it something more fitting to the feel and time period. We’re also going to be dealing with all the little issues you’ve been annoyed by over the past two years. The 3D game will stop moving around while you type in chat. The ‘report comment’ interface will stop being transparent. More than that, though, we’re working on a better chat, more useful faction pages, and a whole lot more. Our current estimate puts this in pretty late in the year—you probably won’t see the full implementation of this initiative until at least November—but what I’ve seen looks really good
It’s been a long road to this point, but the future looks pretty bright. Now, enough talk. You want pictures. :)
Best regards,

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